Sunday, December 30, 2012

Happy Newt Year.  Really. Who makes this stuff up? That is one wicked hairdo.

Seriously, Happy New Year to loyal Picasner watchers checking into HQ.

It has been lots of fun reading the stuff that Picasner rounds up, poking a few of the most deserving in the eye, and venting off steam for the h-e-double-l-hockey-sticks of it. And that's the closest we'll get to an NHL season.

I have no idea where Chad is. Please send up a flare if you see him wandering the streets and if he's able to follow directions, tell him to phone home.

Still praying for peace on earth and good will toward men. Still getting a war going on somewhere that we're involved in every single day of my 68 year-long-life. That is not an exaggeration. And a House of Representatives controlled by Tea Party fear. That is not an exaggeration either.

But it spite of it all,
I'm able to grin
And think of the places
My get up has been.

(As sung by Pete Seeger)

Stay safe
Ride fast, take chances
See you around the quad
See you later alligator
After a while crocodile
Good night and good luck
And that's the way it was...
Hi Ho
Except you are there
Ta Ta
and Out
And who is this Vod Kanockers you speak of?

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