Friday, March 11, 2011


Yeah, right. The three refs from the SJU-Rutgers game have "decided to voluntarily withdraw from the rest of the Big East Tournament." In the business world, this is called - Quit Before You're Fired. Then they have the gall to show up and sit in the stands for the next day's games, and apparently are eligible to officiate in the NCAA Tournament. I respect the fact that judgement calls can go either way, but for all three to lose complete control of the game clock is inexcusable. If they lets the refs sit in the stands, then they should let them have a press conference to explain their actions. Which, of course, they wouldn't be able to.

Poor coach Jim Tressel has suffered enough, I guess. Ohio St. apparently considered banning him from spring practice and summer camps as further punishment for his violations, but decided not to because...well, they didn't want to. After all, it's not like he punched an opposing player in the face or anything. That would be ridiculous. Okay, NCAA, the ball's in your court. And you have all the time in the world because the Time-Challenged Three aren't involved in this.

No one is really surprised at the way Jackson, Triche, Jardine, etc., played yesterday, but Fab Melo? Here's a guy that has been pulled from games after a minute and a half, never to be seen again, who appeared to have to be introduced to the basketball, let alone his teammates, showing the domination that Syracuse fans had been promised. If he continues that quality of play, the Orange have an outstanding chance at the Final Four.

A side note: Yogi is okay. He tripped on the carpet and fell on his butt in the clubhouse, was taken to the hospital as a precaution and released the same day. Hank Steinbrenner immediately fired the carpet.


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