Wednesday, March 09, 2011


OSU Athletic Director, Gene Smith, has suspended coach Jim Tressel for violating his contract. There, that ought to show you that Ohio State takes their rules seriously.
I'll wait until you all stop laughing.
Tressel never reported that he received word that two of his star players were selling jerseys, trophies and other sports memorabilia, in direct violation of school (and NCAA) rules. They were also involved in a federal drug-trafficking case. Why didn't he? Well, Tressel said he "...didn't want to interfere with the Federal case..." and didn't sit the players because he "...didn't want to raise a new set of questions." ...and he didn't want to lose any games.
The A.D. said he never seriously considered firing Tressel for violating a term of his contract, which specifies that he must immediately report ANY (and the word is underlined in the contract) information regarding violations of school or NCAA violations.
Said Tressel, "I take my responsibility...tremendously seriously...". Well, he had eight months to report it and didn't. That's pretty serious. AD Smith is no better: "He is our coach and we trust him implicitly." Naturally.
The President of the school had this to say about firing the coach: "No, are you kidding?" he said with a laugh. "Let me be very clear. I'm just hoping the coach doesn't dismiss me." Do you believe this? I ask you, who the hell is in charge here?
Ohio States first two games next year (these are the suspended ones) are against Akron and Toledo. That's if they can come up with teams by then.
The NCAA has yet to investigate and issue any sanctions of their own, but because this is a major power school, I don't expect anything too harsh.
BYU has an honor code that is very strict...and enforced. A star basketball player was dismissed from the team for "...engaging in extramarital sex." Tough code that. Apparently Ohio State's honor code is, "Hope we don't get caught."

This is where teams without the top records in their conference go all out in hopes of winning the tournament and get an automatic bid to the NCAAs. This is followed by SELECTION SUNDAY, where all the pairings are announced, followed by the tournament itself. Using three networks, the NCAA will have every single game televised.
Which means Picasner will be living on caffeinated coffee laced with Red Bull.


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