Thursday, March 03, 2011


#The pitchers continue to do well, but they're only going one or two innings and pitchers are always ahead of the hitters in the spring.
#Which is probably why the Yankee hitters aren't scaring anybody, either.
#Cervelli expects to be the backup to Martin during the season, but he's getting beat up at the plate. He's been hit in the foot and the thigh. They say this is giving Montero a good shot at staying with the club, but I think it would be better for him to go to Scranton and play every day.
#Jeter continues to be "Mr. Groundout."
#You win some, you lose some. Scott Boras lost Mark Teixeira as a client but picked up Robinson Cano. A good deal for Scott as Tex is done paying him but Cano has some major paydays heading his way.

#Doctors have cleared Josh Beckett to play but Boston is holding him out of one more start, but at least the phone has stopped ringing.
#St Louis pitcher Chris Carpenter says his bad hamstring will cause him to miss just one start. That's good news, since a lengthy loss of Carpenter would have been the death knell for the Cards.
#The Giants Pablo Sandoval has actually managed to lose some weight and his hitting has improved greatly. Instead of a hitting coach, he's being trained by Jennie Craig.
#Sad news from the Minnesota Twins camp. Justin Morneau has still not been cleared to play by the team doctors. It seems he still has residual problems from last year's concussion.

#BYU's Brandon Davies has been dismissed from the team for a violation of the school's Honor Code. It seems he got his girl friend pregnant, which is a no-no at BYU but good training for the NBA.
#Saturday is the ACC's last regular season game. Duke and North Carolina are tied for the conference lead and play in Carolina's Dean Smith Center at 8:00 PM. Blood donors are already lining up in Chapel Hill.

"Yankees first baseman Mark Teixeira has ended his relationship with longtime agent Scott Boras. So Teixeira clearly feels there are more important things in life than money. No word on when Yankees management plans to schedule him for a mental health test."

"On Monday Christina Aguilera was arrested for public intoxication. She was rambling incoherently and not making any sense, so right away the police knew she was either intoxicated or attempting to sing the national anthem.
To rub salt in her wounds the cop who read her her rights intentionally mixed up the words."


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