Friday, March 18, 2011


Just my opinion:

Most surprising upset:
Morehead St over Louisville. You don't usually see Rick Pitino-coached teams lose their composure.
Least surprising upset:
Richmond over Vanderbilt. Richmond, as a #12 seed, has a history of taking down #5 seeds. Buster Olney, who seems to live & die with his alma mater, Vanderbilt, will be very unhappy today.
Most exciting game:
Gee, take your pick: KY-Princeton, Morehead St- Louisville, UCLA-Mich. St., Temple-Penn St, N Colorado-San Diego St and Butler-ODU. All six games within 2 points.
Least exciting game:
I don't know. Is the NIT still going on?
Who looked strong:
Two Big East teams - Connecticut and Pittsburgh, but the stronger teams are ahead of them.

Jimmer Fredette can shoot! Jimmer Fredette can pass! Jimmer Fredette does NOT play defense. He appears to be a master of the Ole' defense.

All the broadcast teams have the property of gas: they expand to fill the available space. Talk, talk, talk, talk. Each team has three members which is two too many. If there was just one guy, he'd at least have to stop to draw a breath and my ears wouldn't hurt. After a play, the former-player announcer would tell what it was like to do that and how he did it, followed by the former-coach, who would tell you how he would coach his team on that play. In the meantime the two teams would have exchanged baskets. It's not radio, guys, we can see the play. Let us enjoy the game. Annie-O doesn't care that 70% of their points come in the paint or that a player missed 2 free throws in a game twice this season. Nobody does!

One baseball note: Joe Torre has accepted an invitation to the Yankee Old-Timer's game. That's where former players show off their former skills. Joe will be napping in the Yankee dugout.

A high school in Asbury Park, NJ, that was renamed after President Obama, was closed, citing declining enrollment. Is there a message here?


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