Saturday, March 12, 2011


##I just saw an article on how the Tsunami in Japan has affected the Japanese players in the U.S. I didn't realize how many Japanese players there were in Majors. And all pretty good, too. Well, there is Kei Igawa, who is trying to get back to Japan. We wish them all luck.
##Yogi is back in camp after falling on his way to get a bowl of soup. Always the quipster, Yogi said later, "It's okay. I didn't like the soup anyway."
##Nick Johnson has signed a contract to go on the DL with the Cleveland Indians this year.
##Chuck Greenberg, CEO of the Texas Rangers, ran around for the last six months claiming credit for the success of the Rangers. He did make one mistake: he clashed with team President Nolan Ryan. He is now the former CEO.

Why do I love college basketball?
##Syracuse and Notre Dame, who should have been playing for the championship of the Big East today, will, instead, be in the stands watching Louisville and Kemba
##Jimmer Fredette decided he didn't need any help to keep BYU on the winning track, scoring 52 points in an 87-76 victory over New Mexico. Watch out in the NCAA's, Jimmer. They play defense in the Big East & the ACC.
##Kansas, N. Carolina, San Diego St. and Ohio St. all received scares before pulling out victories yesterday. I don't think there's a clear cut favorite going into the NCAA Tournament this year.

The 2011 season is in doubt. Howard Fendrich of the Associated Press, has the answer. This is kind of obscure and complicated, so pay attention. According to Howard, "As was clear all along, the dispute came down to money." Wow! Who knew? The players and the owners are trying to split up $9 billion. That's Billion, with a B. The Union has de-certified and the players are suing the owners, and I'm eating noodles with ketchup. Excuse me if I have very little sympathy for either side.

Serena Williams is sick and can't play, and...well, no one else matters.

Notice to all: turn your clocks ahead one hour tonight. You can make up the sleep at work on Monday. (Not me, of course)


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