Tuesday, December 24, 2013


The whole family will be getting together this week for our Christmas holiday. I'll be busy preparing for our "Christmas" on Friday and a party on Saturday, so I won't be posting for about a week. In the meantime...

"Cowboys confident Orton can win"
   Romo is out for the rest of the season, so Dallas has to start their backup in a winner-take-all game on Sunday. So what did you think they were going to say? "We don't have a prayer. Don't know why Orton is even on the roster."

"Alex Cabrera sets Venezuelan home run record"
   Cabrera, who 'allegedly' used performance-enhancing drugs, hit his 21st homer, breaking a 30 year old record. For 3 of the homers, he didn't even use a bat, and again denied ever using drugs.

"Dodgers sign reliever Chris Perez"
   Perez, who is known as much for his brash statements as his pitching prowess, should fit in nicely with the Dodgers. If LA could deal with Manny Ramirez, nobody will even notice Perez.

"Rangers will regret Sin-Soo Choo  deal"
   Yeah, right. I give you Prince Fielder - 7 more years for $166 million and Alex Rodriquez - 10 years for $250 million. They must like debt.

"Grant Balfour on Yankees radar"
   In Baltimore's eyes, Balfour failed his physical and voided their deal. Now, the Yankees are supposedly are interested. Sure, they sign up the aged and the infirm, why not the lame, too? Jim Thome is looking for a job. How about it Cashman? He's only 43.

"Enough is enough"
   Tim Keown, ESPN.com, thinks the Hall of Fame brouhaha is ridiculous. He doesn't think the use of PEDs should have anything to do with a players selection. His basic belief is, "If they have the numbers, let them in." That's fine, if you don't care how they got them. If the numbers are all that matters, I give you the following players:
Johnny Evers - career .270 hitter with 12 home runs
Joe Tinker - career .262 hitter
Monte Irvin - career .293 hitter with 99 homers & 443 RBIs
Bobby Doerr - career .288 hitter
Leon Day - career record 37-19
and, of course, the infamous Bill Mazeroski.
Do these players have numbers that warrant their election? So elect the 'users' and remove the 'undeserving' to a special wing. The Hall is already corrupted.

" Former Dallas WR Michael Irvin said yesterday “I don’t know if anybody has less talent than the Dallas Cowboys, now.” And both the Houston Texans and Washington Redskins responded, “Who are we, chopped liver?”  -- Janice Hough
"The NBA is rolling out five TV games over 11½ hours on Christmas Day. Who knew that “five lords a-leaping” referred to a basketball team?"  -- Dwight Perry
"ESPN graphic from baseball’s winter meetings, listing the 51-111 Astros’ needs: “Pitching — Hitting — Fielding.”   [ It appears the front office might need help, too - CP]
"The Creighton men’s basketball team handily defeated Arkansas-Pine Bluff, which I’m pretty sure is some kind of time-share development."  -- Brad Dickson
"On Christmas Eve, TSN will present the top 100 bloopers of 2013. But enough about the Winnipeg Blue Bombers."  -- RJ Currie
"Wackypedia word of the year is Romosexual. It describes a person that screws his fans on the gridiron."  -- TC Chong
"A crowd of overeager shoppers looking to get a new pair of $170 Air Jordans rushed the Eastland Mall entrance in Columbus, Ohio, knocking the doors off their hinges. That’s called a charging foul."  -- Dwight Perry
"Friday night, the UNO men’s basketball team played Minnesota on BTN. Minnesota is coached by Rick Pitino’s son. That’s what it says on his office door: “Rick Pitino’s Son.”  -- Brad Dickson
"Sacramento Kings guard Jimmer Fredette obliged a group of neighborhood kids who knocked on his door and asked him to play a pickup game. The kids said it would’ve been even more fun if Jimmer hadn’t taken every shot."  -- Brad Dickson

Holiday cheers to everyone.


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