Friday, December 13, 2013


For all the talk about what a classy operation the Yankees run, they must secretly be really bad. First Joe Torre announced he was refusing the Yankees offer to continue managing the team because he "...felt disrespected." All because the Yankees offered him a measly $5 million to manage them for one year. How could they be so cruel? How do they expect a man with a wife and grandchildren to live on that? Based on a 40 hour work week, that figures out to $2400 an hour. Shameful.

Now Robinson Cano has announced that HE felt disrespected because the Yanks only wanted to pay him for 7 years. He said that he would be 38 years old than and what happens afterward? Don't they realize that he needs to be paid until he's 40? A former boss once told me, "I don't hire anybody for life. Who says I owe you that? I'll pay you to work for me as long as you're productive." Not Cano. He expects to be paid in excess of $20 million for three years when he's over the hill. He found somebody who would. Let's see how popular he is in Seattle in 8 years when he hits .240 with 12 homers.

** Just before MLB announces that home plate collisions are no longer allowed, the Texas Rangers went out and drafted a football player. I would have liked to hear that conversation."Hey chief. We're all set on those close plays at the plate for next year. I got us a football player so when we need...what? No collisions? Starting when? But what about Russell Wilson? Release him? Got it, chief"

** MLB has talked to all the teams to try and explain the new replay rules. This ought to make for a fun summer.The rules are somewhat complicated. A manager gets one challenge a game. Unless he gets it right, than he gets a second. The umpires can review any play after six innings, without a manager-requested challenge. The teams can have an extra coach and a video screen in the dugout to help them decide if they should challenge or not.
This is getting out of hand. The mantra that keeps getting repeated is, "We just want to get the calls right." Not me. I like hating umpires.

** Former Yankee updates **
Hughes is in Minnesota
Chamberlain is probably going to Arizona.
Chris Stewart has been traded to Pittsburgh

Granderson is across the  river with the Mets
Vernon Wells has locked himself in the trainer's room and won't come out

TC Chong:
"Former Yankee Robinson Cano has signed a $240M 10 year contract with the Seattle Mariners. Wait til he finds out that unlike New York, when he’s out in public in Seattle, he will be Robinson Nobodyknows."
Right. And in 7 years, he'll be Robinson Nobodycares.

"The Steeler's coach was fined $100,000 for stepping on the field. Tomlin could have saved $50,000 by just spilling a drink on him."  -- Janice Hough
"Major league baseball will be changing the rules so that home plate collisions will now become illegal. Catchers can no longer block the plate and runners cannot target the catchers. Third base umps will now hand out letters of introduction to every runner rounding third base."  -- TC Chong
"Wednesday’s Spurs-Timberwolves game in Mexico City had to be postponed when a faulty generator filled the arena with smoke an hour before tipoff. In other words, they came to see an NBA game — and a Willie Nelson concert broke out."  -- Dwight Perry
"The RCMP arrested an Ontario man for trying to sell the Canadian navy’s shipbuilding secrets. Isn't that like the Chicago Cubs selling championship-building secrets"  -- RJ Currie 
"A Wisconsin high-school hockey goalie had 86 saves. Unfortunately, there were 112 shots."  --
"Major League Baseball voted to ban home-plate collisions, beginning in 2014. MLB is now slightly less physical than Black Friday shopping."  -- Brad Dickson
"Pope Francis is Time Magazines ‘Person of the Year’. When the pontiff received the news, he screamed “Yes!”, and immediately “Tebowed”.  -- TC Chong
"What do you call it when Bartolo Colon’s season is shortened 50 games by a PED suspension?
A semi-Colon."  -- Dwight Perry
"Redskins coach  to reporters, after listing his reasons for benching QB Robert Griffin III: “I’m trying to be as honest as I can, and I don’t normally do that."  -- Mike Shanahan
" Kim Jong Un had his own uncle executed. I've attended family holiday gatherings that went almost that bad. After the story broke on Thursday, a new land speed record was set by Dennis Rodman driving to the airport"  -- Brad Dickson



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