Monday, December 16, 2013


** All this talk about Robinson Cano has glossed over the fact that he isn't the "best player in baseball." Supposedly, that crown is currently worn by Mike Trout of the Angels. Buster Olney says one agent told him that if he was representing Trout, he might start by asking for 12 years and $400 million. Do you think Angel's owner Artie Moreno has enough ink left in his pen to write that figure on a check?

** Heisman Trophy winner Jameis Winston was involved in some kind of sexual assault that occurred about a year ago. A CBS executive announced that a planned interview with Winston was cancelled because "...FSU submitted a list of approved topics." Am I the only one who thinks this sounds a little bit suspicious?

** It appears the Yanks are heading into the 2014 season with Kelly Johnson as their second baseman. He is a lifetime .253 hitter, but he has some power and is a left-handed hitter. He won't make us forget Robinson Cano, but hopefully, he'll at least make us forget Horace Clark.

** Mark Ellis is the latest player who has stated he wants to stay with the Yankees. They all do, until someone offers them more money. ...or any money.

** For all you Dallas Cowboy haters, Tony Romo managed to throw two interceptions in the last three minutes of their game against Green Bay. Here's a guy with a world of talent who seems to find a way - any way - to lose important games.

** The Syracuse basketball team has looked like a guard-driven team so far. Freshman point guard Tyler Ennis and sophomore shooting guard Trevor Cooney heading the team so far, but when St. Johns pushed them up against a wall Sunday, the team went to old reliable C.J. Fair, who sunk three difficult 15-footers from the baseline to help the Orange hold off the Redmen. Oops, I mean the Red Storm, to be more politically correct. Syracuse is currently ranked #2 in the nation.

** Babe Ruth's famous "I'll knock a homer for Wednesday's game" baseball will be auctioned off in a sale starting Jan. 20th. This is the ball wherein Ruth promised to hit a homer in the World Series for an injured youngster. The current record for the sale of a Ruth homer is just short of $400,000. A reserve price has not yet been set, but some experts think you might have to be Robinson Cano to afford it.

** Yankee president Randy Levine has stated categorically that the Yankees have "no intention of trading Brett Gardner." You have to believe that because we all know what a bastion of truth Levine is.

"The Houston Texans are blaming their disappointing season on a supposed “curse” caused by Vanilla Ice’s halftime performance on Sept. 15. Of all of the hundreds of sports “curses” this is the first one that seems to have merit." --  Brad Dickson
" Good news Cowboy fans, everytime Romo throws a pick, an angel gets their wings."  -- TC Chong
"The Miami Dolphins upset the New England Patriots 24-20. So the question of the day “WWGB?” Who will Gisele blame?"  -- Janice Hough
"CNN reports a Kentucky man who has been arrested over 1,500 times was back in jail as of Thanksgiving. He’s been visited by one brother, two cousins and 19 NFL scouts."  -- RJ Currie
"Tiger Woods’ half-brother, Earl Woods Jr., has been charged with calling in a false bomb threat at his work. Or as it’s known in golfing circles, a bad lie."  -- Dwight Perry
"On Sunday Night Football the Steelers defeated the Bengals. You know what won it for Pittsburgh? Special teams. Especially coach Mike Tomlin’s three tackles and two forced fumbles on punt returns."  -- Brad Dickson


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