Wednesday, December 04, 2013


It must be, because Brian Cashman is not only buying presents for the Yankees, he's opening them already. So far, Brian McCann ($85 mil), Jacoby Ellsbury ($153 mil) and Brendon Ryan ($4 mil) and Kelly Johnson (a Big Mac and a milkshake). And he's not done. The annual Baseball Meeting start on Sunday and the Yanks like to make some big deal early so they can sit around and watch everybody else scurry to try and catch up.

I have been enjoying the reaction of the Boston fans to the Ellsbury deal. The phrase "Evil Empire" is rampant, of course, but what I really like is all the tweets that are calling Ellslbury a "trader."  They mean 'traitor,' of course, but it is Boston, so you have to make allowances. This isn't just one or two comments, I read at least 20 tweets that said the same thing, so I guess that means you have to make a LOT of allowances.

It appears that the Mets and Curtis Granderson are close to a three year deal. This is a mistake for Grandy. He's got to hit homers to make him a contributing factor and Citifield is one of the toughest parks to hit homers in. Just as David Wright. But that's where the money is, so that's probably where he'll end up.   The "Trader!"

Speaking of money, the Seattle Mariners are the favorite to sign Robinson Cano. All the talk about wanting  be a Yankee for life is so much hot air right now. He's going to go where the big money is and he doesn't care where it is. If he goes to Seattle,in three years, nobody will know his name. The big endorsement deals won't be there, at least like they would be in NY. But he'll have the big bucks.

The Los Angeles Dodgers have the inside track to signing closer Brian Wilson. So you have Brian Wilson and 'The Beard' and Manny Ranirez and 'The Dredlocks." What is it with LA and hair? Are they trying to emulate Boston?

"Urban Meyer said he won't suspend two Buckeyes players ejected for fighting in the game against Michigan for the Big Ten championship game. With national title game berth on the line, I get the impression they could have set the Michigan mascot on fire and still played."  -- Brad Dickson
"Delivery Man is a new movie about a guy who has fathered 533 children. Despite what you may have heard, he doesn't play in the NBA."  -- RJ Currie
"Jacoby Ellsbury has signed a 7 year, $153 million contract with the Yankees. This is apparently part of the new NY strategy – “Austerity as long as we are not competing with the Red Sox.”  -- Janice Hough
"Auburn AD Jay Jacobs told ESPN that if the SEC champion doesn’t get to play in the upcoming BCS title game, “it would be, quite frankly, unAmerican.”Somewhere, J. Edgar Hoover’s body just went on full spin cycle."  -- Dwight Perry
"The governor of Ohio banned the letter “M.” Ohio State players were getting permanent tattoos that read “Beat _ichigan.”  -- Brad Dickson
"Nick Saban is a genius. He may well be the best football coach alive (it’s either him or his old boss, Bill Belichick), who before it’s all over may stand with the very best who ever lived. ...and who is remarkably easy to root against."  -- Mike Vaccaro
" Rams DB T.J. McDonald pulled down 49ers tight end Vernon Davis by the privates during Sunday’s game. We are fast running out of body parts to tackle."  -- Len Berman
"Gushed Utah State football coach Matt Wells, in praise of running back Joey DeMartino: “The kid just oozes guts, and sometimes it’s not pretty.” As an added note, the Aggies boast the only game films rated R for graphic violence."  -- Dwight Perry


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