Monday, November 02, 2015

In case you haven’t noticed…

NFL football stinks.
With 7/16ths of the season completed, only the 1) richly deserved hated, much maligned lying, cheating and locker-room-bugging Patriots, 2) the so-what-who-cares Cincinnati (really, Cincincinnati?) Bengals and, 3) the oxygen-starved Denver Broncos (although good Colorado weed does wonders to enhance your viewing experience) provide a product that might justify spending some of your limited time on earth worth viewing - and then only if the weather is bad enough to keep you housebound. 
The AFC South is Hot-Pokers-in the-Eye Bad, so bad that the 3-4 Colts are the division leaders. 
The NFC, at first blush, appears marginally better. While no division leader has a losing record, the NY Giants, hobbling along at 4-4 after giving up 7 TD passes to Drew Brees and over 600 yards of total offense to the up until yesterday anemic Saints, have a 1/2 game lead in the NFC East over the offensively-named team in the nations capital. 
The NFC North leading Packers look pretty good at 6-2 until you notice their 6 wins came against teams that are a combined 17-29. Nice schedule if you can get it.
The NFC South Carolina Panthers look good at 6-0, albeit against opposition that is a combined 19-26.
In the West, only the Cardinals are worth a look, but no one outside of Arizona can name either the city or stadium where they play.
Keep watching, my friends, you are likely to see at least one guy on your fantasy team carried off the field strapped to a stretcher, and stay bamboozled.

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