Thursday, November 19, 2015

Who's In Charge - Part III

No, the ‘lesson’ for or from the best player in the league isn’t, “Do whatever you want.” The lesson from LeBron was his shirt was too tight. The lesson from the Cavaliers’ ownership is that they are smart enough and have egos small enough to admit a smart, informed, influential  person into their decision making group - even though, oh my god, he’s a player! 

The lesson from C. Picasner is that he will take a minor “incident”, that is LeBron James ripping the seams on the sleeves of an overly tight T-shirt style basketball jersey to allow more freedom of movement and turning that into a rationale for denigrating an extraordinary talent, teammate and successful businessman.


Not sure given his proclamation that, “I have no interest in professional basketball.” Taking him at his word, apparently, then, his only interest was in ripping James. 

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