Friday, November 06, 2015

A Four-Season Sport in the Finger Lakes

Many people regard golf, if at all, as the mindless pursuit of knocking a little ball into a slightly larger hole cut into manicured short grass somewhere up yonder. Theirs is not a wholly inaccurate, although simple, definition of the game. The error is the inclusion of ‘mindless’.

Golf requires the full engagement of the mind to best identify the results you want to achieve and all of the elements required to reach those results; and then the real fun begins, executing the shot.

Golfs inherent beauty is in the personal engagement, performed outdoors and always alone, even if playing in a group There are no teammates to pick you up when you fail, no umpires or referees other than yourself to call fouls and the varying physical conditions each successive shot presents guarantees constant challenge. 

Most mornings, Laura, my wife, goes to the gym. I head to the course to walk at least nine holes every day.

November in the Finger Lakes is one of my favorite times to play. When temps are in the high 40s to mid 50s, the wind blowing a little harder and when any given day might include a mix of sun, clouds, rain and snow, you never have to worry about tee times, slow play or greens left pock marked by irresponsible players. Play at whatever pace you like .Take the time to enjoy the wild fall skies and landscapes that still retain fall color. 

The fair weather players were out this week with temps in the 70s. November, thankfully, returns on Sunday sending the faint of heart back inside . There are still a few hardy people who understand that golf is best played out of doors, where there is weather. You know, that stuff you encounter when you walk the dog. 

Bob the Golfer, Tony and Smoker Jim, MowerMan and Norm will play until the real ‘end of season’. All that it takes to enjoy golf as a four season sport is the right gear and a keen sense of humor. 

A little madness helps.

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