Thursday, November 12, 2015

Only God Can Make a River, but Only Man Can make It Burn

Chad asked, “Who’s in charge here?” in his LeBron James mini-rant. Thank your favorite deity it is the most basketball-knowledgeable person in Cleveland and, arguably, currently the best player in the NBA.

LeBron's on-court skills are on display for all to see and appreciate. Less visible but more significant is the level of respect he receives from his peers. Not only is he recognized as a force of nature on the court but as an extraordinary teammate in the locker room and, off the court, a great ambassador of the game and Cleveland. 

Cleveland ownership and fans recognize what a powerful force James is in enticing other high quality players to come to Cleveland, aka The City of Light, The City of Magic - Home to the Cuyahoga River that inspired the line, Only God can make a river but only man can make it burn.

I’m sure Knick fans, among oh so many others, would love to have LeBron as the answer to “Who’s in charge here?”

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