Saturday, November 28, 2015

Just for Chad

"I'd say that it's hard to believe that he would take these positions, but his history makes you realize that this is nothing unusual for him."

Of course it's not unusual. Anything and everything Roger says or does in relation to the NFL, excuse me, THE National Football League, has been certified, approved and in the sole best interests of his employers, the owners of NFL, excuse me, THE National Football League, teams.

Roger, the individual, is irrelevant, replaceable, obedient, loyal and willing to hold any position when instructed to do so by ownership, even when the position flies in the face of logic, science, ethics, morality... 

Blaming Roger easily dismisses Kraft, Jones, Pegula, Irsay, Snide(r) and the rest of the pack from scrutiny. 

Make fun of the straw man. Slay the Judas goat. Remain stupid. 

And according to 'Mr. America's Team', " Who doesn't like watching an almost human  pinochio use his lying nose to check 32 prostrates?"

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