Saturday, October 31, 2015

ESPN - A Home for EverySinglePompousNincompoop

ESPN and its parent company Disney have done more to bring the notion of “Lamestream Media” to fruition than a reality-challenged Sarah Palin and the professional liars at FoxNews(?) combined.

ESPN (EverySinglePompousNincompoop) has killed the distinctive sports and pop culture website, Grantland.

While promising to continue its support of innovative sports journalism after firing Grantland’s interesting and opinionated founder, Bill Simmons, ESPN doubled-down on its commitment to promoting the stupid, inane and pointless screechers Skip Bayless, Steven A. Smith, Curt Schilling and their ilk. 

Bob Silverman wrote, “Grantland is gone for good, subsumed by the needs of click-hungry advertisers, who tend to blanche at any take on the day’s events that might offend or would even tiptoe outside the box of standard-brand sports recap pabulum.”

“Not that I’m alleging that any sports commish leaned on ESPN and told it to shut this thing down, but this is what happens when you spend billions for the rights to broadcast the NFL, NBA, Major League Baseball, and the World Cup.”

“ESPN’s going to ride or die with Stick to Sports, a dismissive shorthand for anyone who might suggest a connection between the sports world and economics or politics or any social, racial or gender issues, that sports journalism is not just boxscores and harrumphing about Tom Brady’s “egacy.”

“But in ESPN’s mind, that’s the winning formula.”

“The rest of us have lost.”

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