Sunday, October 18, 2015


A Mets - Blue Jays World Series would be nice but, barring a Jays rally, increasingly improbable.
The Mets are one step closer with a big win in their series opener with the Cubs, giving Mets fans time to come up with something to do other than twirling shop rags in the stands when they get excited.
All of the derivatives of the Pittsburg “Terrible Towels” really must stop. It is just sad to see otherwise grown men waving dish towels in LA. Thankfully, the Dodgers were eliminated in five.
Blue Jays fans get a one time pass because, well, they are Canadians and, as they recently demonstrated, they don’t yet even understand the difference between throwing fedora and toques (specialized Canadian headwear) onto a hockey rink to celebrate hat tricks and chucking half-full beer cans, beaning babies in a ball park.
The Cubs have’t made it to a post-season in107 years so their fans clearly don’t have sufficient recent experience, say within the past five or six decades, to know how silly towel twirling looks unless your also screaming for your defense to rip a quarterback’s face off and mop up the field with your very own “Terrible Towel”.
As for the Royals, nothing that has happened in Missouri (or any place named Kansas for that matter) has made any sense since before the Civil War.
But, c’mon Mets, orange shop rags? You're in New York, ’The Big Apple’. You can do so much better.

 - Z. Vod

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