Thursday, October 22, 2015

It was a great day for baseball in North America everybody...

The Blue Jays won Game 5 at home to extend the ALCS and The NY Mets closed out the Cubs in a 4-0 sweep.

The Joe Buck / Harold Reynolds Royals v. Jays broadcast was World Series quality, on point and professionally delivered, providing just the right mix of analysis and excitement, particularly over the last three innings. Great job.

After satirizing doily waving in a recent post, the scene inside the Toronto ball park pulled off towel twirling exquisitely. When the camera was pulled back the stands were a blizzard of North Country white.

In Chicago, the Mets scored four in the first and two in the second to put an early end to Cubs.

It’s a shame that a few Mets fans (actually, only my still-to-become-aware nephew and one or two of his Mets fanboy pals) aren’t interested in ‘Tradition’. Otherwise, Daniel Murphy’s record setting home run - Absolutely Amazing! - could become part of a Mets tradition that dates back to their 1969 World Series Championship team when they became truly “Amazin’ “, for all the right reasons.

Ernie Johnson, Ron Darling and Cal Ripken, Jr., please, don’t do another game together.

Sleep well my friends and stay thirsty (for men over 40, cranberry juice).

Played 18 today. That was also Amazin'. (I waved a golf towel after every shot.)

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