Sunday, October 18, 2015

And Now for Something Completely Different...

The following public service announcement is a reminder to my golfing buddies that golf is an outside activity and that fall golf in the Finger Lakes is some of the best and most interesting golf of the year.

While many of my locals were aging in front of the television watching another undisciplined Rex Ryan football team drop to 3 - 3, they missed a beautiful day on the course.

If you haven’t been playing when the first sun-snow shower comes down you have missed one of the most inspirational scenes a golf course can provide. 

I played twenty holes today under a spectacular Finger Lakes sky, never waited behind slow players, didn’t contend with divots left open by total boneheads, played holes in any sequence
and was never cold, chilly or the least bit uncomfortable.

Here’s a news flash:  Dress for the Occasion, Dress for Success, Clothes Make the Man or Woman and there is a plethora of tech clothing that is perfect for the cold weather outdoor enthusiast - breathable and warm without bulk. 

Start with a polyester base layer, top and bottom. Slip on lined wind pants and you’re half way there.

Add an L.L. Bean microfiber fleece (Item # 284602), top it off with a vest (Item# 284604) and you’re good to 40 degrees. 

Comfortable hands are absolutely necessary. Leave your golf gloves home and don’t bother with FootJoy cold weather gloves. Pick up a pair or two of 180’s (Style # 23613) for a great grip and great comfort. Wear both the left and right and you’ll find you’ll make better shots with softer hands.

Add whatever headwear you like. I prefer a traditional cap and a fleece head band to cover my ears if it’s windy.

Yeah, shoes and socks are a good idea as well. 

Last year I was able to play comfortably through December 28, not every day, but when the temp hit 40 (sometimes a little less), I hit the course.

Pick up some low compression golf balls and take one club longer to compensate for the temperature. Maxfli Soft-Flis are inexpensive and a great performer. 

Or, in the alternative, quote the Holy Modal Rounders, “If you’re afraid, then you’d better stay home.”

Hey, they’re still playing baseball... and Joe Maddon is the Most Interesting Man in Baseball ( and possibly the most interesting man in the world).

- Z. Vod

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