Monday, September 15, 2014


#1 As Annie-O will attest, I have been saying all year that Joe Girardi is not the bullpen genius everyone says he is. I don't understand his penchant for bringing in Betances and Robertson in any game when the score is tied or the Yanks are just 1 or 2 runs behind. To me, it's a panic move, pure and simple. After blowing out Robertson's arm on Friday (35 pitches), a game which the Yanks lost,  he brought him in on Saturday to save the win for the Yanks. But now, when he could have won the game on Sunday, Robertson had nothing. Basically, Girardi lost Sunday's game on Friday night.
When a manager continually makes panic moves like that, Cashman should find a new manager.

#2 There is evidence that Jonathon Papelbon was blowing smoke when he said he was just "adjusting himself," but I suppose it's possible. We've seen players do a lot worse on the field. Remember a few years ago when a player completely dropped his pants to brush off some dirt and straighten his uniform top, all the while standing on first base in full view of the whole stadium.
The real problem here is my old friend umpire Joe West. When Papelbon rushed out to argue being thrown out, West pushed him twice and then grabbed his uniform top and pulled him away. It will be interesting to see how many games West is suspended for accosting a player. My guess: zero! And that's only if Sleepy Joe Torre happens to be told that something happened. West said Papelbon's "...head made contact with his hat." Pretty flimsy.

Sadly, Derek Jeter is not going out with a bang. He's mired in the second worst slump of his career and he doesn't seem to be laughing and joking with the opposing players the way he was a few weeks ago. He definitely looks like the drive is gone.

"The Mets are out of the postseason, the Yankees are almost out, the Giants got solidly beaten and the Jets choked. So in New York they’re wondering “When does the Knicks preseason start?"  -- Janice Hough
"Before going to play in the Chinese Basketball Association, Metta World Peace will change his name to Panda Friend. China, if you have an all-name team, I think you just found your captain."  -- Brad Dickson
"Some Roman baubles from 61 A.D. have been unearthed in a British village. Among the more unusual items: Nero’s Formula One chariot-racing trophy."  -- Dwight Perry.
"BC Lions 7, Ottawa Redblacks 5. My dog was looking out the window while I was watching the game. In the third quarter I joined him"  -- RJ Currie
"Many 49ers fans who drove to tonight’s home opener were stuck for hours after the game. As opposed to the team, who apparently checked out after the third quarter."  -- Janice Hough


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