Sunday, September 14, 2014


Three weeks and one post in all that least I didn't have to write about the hapless Yankees very much.

** Speaking of which...
They've played 29 innings against the AL's second best team  this weekend and managed only 4 runs, and one of those was a steal of home. That figures out to a 1.24 ERA for the Oriole pitching staff. They're good, but are they THAT good? New York's hitting is non-existent. McCann seems to be swinging the bat like the Yanks had hoped, but the only other players who are doing anything are two guys who weren't even on the roster on Aug. 1st: Martin Prado and Chris Young.
Oh well, since it appears the Yanks are going nowhere, I guess I'll start focusing on my favorite Pro football team, the mighty New York Giants.     Wait...what?                 Oh crap.

** They do things big in Texas.
We stayed in Dallas a week ago, in a hotel directly across the street from AT & T stadium (formerly Cowboy Stadium). It was a Friday night and we noticed the parking lot was absolutely full. The Cowboys weren't playing, so we wondered what was going on. The next morning, the lot was full again. We got talking to one of the other guests who told us that it was a two-day high school football tournament. He said his son was playing that morning and he was glad he was in this hotel because they were charging $40 just to park your car. As he put it, "I guess we can't have Jerry Jones missing any meals."

** Liar, liar, pants on fire.
Why is it that no one in sports. absolutely no one, not players, managers, coaches or commissioners, can tell the truth? Many years ago, there was a movie called, "A Guide For The Married Man."  The plot was how to cheat on your wife and not get caught. One of the precepts was, no matter what happens, deny it. Even if she catches you, deny it. Basically, it was deny, deny, deny. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the mantra of sports personalities.

** From Brad Dickson's 'Bottom 10'
#4 Western Michigan (0-1) The Broncos were idle. The Bottom 10 is the only ranking where teams are awarded points for an open date.
#8 Vanderbilt (0-2) The ’Bilt dropped one to Ole Miss 41-3. You know a team’s season expectations are diminished when fans do the wave after the lone field goal.

** Apparently, the nicest people work in the stands.
Kudos go out to the stadium staffs at Angels stadium and Petco Park in San Diego. These people all went out of their way to help two lost souls who wandered aimlessly until directed nicely to our seats  and even told us to set in a shaded area until our regular seats were in the shade. As one lady supervisor put it, "We older people have to be very careful about too much time in direct sunlight. Let me know if anyone hassles you."
One interesting note: Jalapeno peppers are very big in California. They come automatically with hot dogs, are free in all of the condiment stations.

"Will the last NFL player suspended please turn off the scoreboard?"  -- Dwight Perry
"Baseball players are smarter than football players. How often do you see a baseball team penalized for too many men on the field?"  -- Jim Bouton
"Before the game, Cowboy quarterback Tony Romo, took a baby from a woman in the stands and kissed it, and then handed it back to the wrong mother."  -- Argus Hamilton
"The Nebraska-Fresno State game aired on CBSSN. Those of you who tried to find it know that “SN” stands for “Stealth Network.”  -- Brad Dickson
" Toronto mayor Rob Ford said he is "cut from the same cloth as Mike Tyson.” Same cloth? Given their respective pasts, I’m guessing it’s checkered."  -- RJ Currie
" Roger Goodell  has been so focused on making it a No Fun League when maybe he should have been focused on having a No Felons League."  -- Janice Hough
"I read that NASA is taking the next steps to send a man to Mars. Late Friday, Roger Goodell volunteered."  -- Brad Dickson
"Why is anyone surprised at Eagles running back LeSean McCoy leaving a restaurant tip of only 20 cents. He’s known for stopping on a dime."  -- RJ Currie


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