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Since the Yanks are basically out of it, I can't really call the days 'precious,' so I'll stick with 'few.' Today, we'll get an idea what next season could be like, if there will be a Tanaka or not. The way the team looks right now, next year the Yanks major sponsor will be Bishop's Commons Assisted Living Facility - "You sign 'em, we'll care for 'em."

Does anyone here understand this game?
Yesterday, the KC Royals played the Detroit Tigers in a baseball game under what should have been the standard rules of baseball, however, apparently the umpires weren't aware of all of them.
In the sixth inning, the Royals had Perez on third and Hosmer on second with one out. Infante then lined out to Kinsler at second who threw to Suarez to try for a double play, but the throw went wild. Perez, who started back to third, reversed himself and ran home, but he never tagged up. When the game resumed, pitcher Max Scherzer made an appeal throw to third. The umpire called him safe. Detroit asked for a review, but the umpire said leaving the bag early is NOT subject to review. Detroit said he never tagged. The umps convened a meeting and declared Perez out (we don't know the vote). KC objected because the play wasn't reviewable. The umps decided that the proper call was a missed base, which was reviewable.
I have a couple of questions. If Perez never tagged up but ran straight home, why did they call him safe? How could they call it a missed bag because he was on third and went straight home? So, to recap, the appeal throw should have resulted in an out call, reviews had nothing to do with it, changing the call to a missed bag was only a ploy to hide the fact that the umps either weren't watching the game, misunderstood the rules or made up their own.       Or all three.

Additional Professional Sports Rules.
1) When something bad happens, ignore it and hope it doesn't get found out.
2) If the public finds out, deny that you knew anything about it.
3) If you are accused, lie about it.
4) If they find out the truth, lie harder.
5) If there's no getting around it, apologize that something bad happened, but DO NOT say that you did it out loud. (i.e. - "I'm sorry the woman was hit," not "I'm sorry I hit her.")  

I can't write about this anymore. These people are idiots and don't deserve the admiration they get, let alone the money. Actually, we are the idiots because WE buy the tickets, WE buy the merchandise and WE pay them to sign stuff for us.

Derek Jeter
"...the Yankee organization’s long-established devotion to winning games has been superseded by its effort to cast Jeter in the best possible light, and pretend, with his placement in the field and in the lineup, that he gives them the best possible chance to win."  -- Buster Olney
 Yes, Jeter has remained in the lineup despite his reduced productivity, and Olney is not the only one saying this. But I ask you, what are the alternatives? Brendan Ryan, Stephen Drew?  Jeter is hitting .254 with an OBP of .302. Not very impressive, however, Ryan and Drew COMBINED are hitting .171 with an OBP o .231. Yes, they both offer better defense, but not that much better from what I've seen this year.
You can't really fault Girardi for using Jeter, since he really had no choice.   You can fault Girardi for his misuse of the bullpen - and I do.

"On Saturday, Nebraska played Miami at night. It felt like the old days, only Nebraska isn’t No. 1 and Miami isn’t on probation."  -- Brad Dickson
"Roger Goodell and “Purposeful Misdirection” sounds like the name of a bad garage band."  -- Janice Hough
"Jameis Winston’s off-field box score: rape investigation ... stealing $32 worth of crab legs ... yelling vulgarities in the student-union building ... Probably not the triple-threat QB that Florida State football fans had in mind."  -- Dwight Perry
"Yet another incident for FSU pivot Jameis Winston, this time standing on a table and shouting a vulgar internet catchphrase. Embarrassing? Even Justin Bieber is shaking his head."  -- RJ Currie
"The Buccaneers suffered a  56-14 blowout loss on Thursday night football: “It was the most embarrassing TV I’ve seen since ‘Joanie Loves Chachi.’"  -- Mike Bianchi
"For $1,500, USC season ticket holders can run onto the field ahead of the team. Big deal. For $1,000 at Purdue, you can start at tight end."  -- Brad Dickson
"Gatorade has a new commercial honoring Derek Jeter and his retirement. Good thing. Would hate for such a momentous event to go unnoticed."  -- Janice Hough
"Golfer Tiger Woods, who parted ways with adviser Sean Foley last month, says he might serve as his own swing coach for a while.  Tiger to give swinging a try with no adult supervision — what could possibly go wrong?"  -- Dwight Perry



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