Wednesday, September 17, 2014

It’s a great day for America everybody.

Tuesday, one of the few nights without an NFL game. Tomorrow, Hump-Day, one more day before the four-game-days in five begins again. Cultural Addiction anyone?


While Anheuser-Bush InBev awkwardly danced around the issue of their continued sponsorship of the NFL, Radisson immediately terminated their deep financial relationship with the Minnesota Vikings when their corporate log was prominently displayed on the backdrop for the press conference where the Vikings announced that Andrian Peterson would continue to play in spite of his child abuse indictment and the Vikings loathsome behavior in minimizing the horror experienced by Peterson’s two four year old children. It has been pointed out that money doesn't talk, it screams, and everyone understands this except five ideologic lawyers  in AssSnyder Land.

Any one else out there with a pair? Or will the AssSnyders play on?

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Go Bills. Let the fracking be with you.

Suggestions for an Honorable End to the 2014 MLB Season

1. Derek Jeter gets to pitch to any Rays pitcher of his choice 2. Joe West is tarred, feathered and dumped off of the Skyway Bridge into Tampa Bay as an early retirement gift 3. The Yankees de-pants Joe Maddon as he delivers the lineup card for Wednesday’s game. And I mean the Full Monty. He is, after all, the manager (Ultimate Boss) of a staff that, because of incredible stupidity and lack of talent, does not know how to pitch inside, or just don’t care if they end a career or two.

This is the end:

Fabulous day in the Finger Lakes - sunny, cool and a little breeze. If I can think of anything that positive connected to any professional sport I will let you know asap.

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