Friday, September 12, 2014

Nothing to worry about with this picture, hey Roger?

I’m in love with the NFL definition of an “independent investigation”: hire the favorite law firm of many of the owners, a firm that has done millions of dollars worth of business with the NFL  families, assign two legacy owners within the NFL to oversee the “independent” lawyers and promise to share “a report” whenever the “independent investigation” is deemed complete by the legacy owners.

This "independent investigation" looks and smells like New York Gov. Andrew Como's "independent investigation" into corruption in state government, although they didn't even get to issue "a report" before the gov got all "independent" on his " self-appointed independent commission".

How to link this to baseball and the Yankees?

 LT says not to worry because the real baseball season is over. Jeter's leaving and the the Yankees are really out of it. She says that I need to accept the fact that human evolution has stalled - so football it is for a while.

Keith Olbermann was first out with an appeal for the NFL to clean its management house. That's a tall order for an ownership group that includes men like Ravens owner Steve  Biscotti who, in an interview, said he hears what he wants to hear, and Colts owner Dan Irsay who endangers people every time he gets behind the wheel of a car. We could go on but you get the point. 

NFL owners, their $44,000,000 Commissioner and his organization have doggedly pursued train loads of money at the physical expense of their gladiators, morality and accountability. 

Ali Velshi stepped up tonight and said that this crowd of money men is unwilling to change without real pressure from football fans. The state of professional football may have a chance of self-correction if fans will stop buying tickets, shirts, hats, programs, foam fingers, 
window decals, posters, parking spots.... for just a while. Turn off the cash long enough and oil men Jones and Pegula, Rooney, Mara and the rest of that small, entitled fraternity of NFL owners will begin to pay at least a bit of attention to cleaning up the league. 

Sadly, it appears that most NFL fans can only respond, "Baaaaaa!"

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