Wednesday, July 09, 2014


## For months now, we've heard what a terrible place Coliseum in Oakland  is to house a major league team. Both the A's and the Raiders are thoroughly disgusted with the place. The A's have been begging MLB to move for a few years, only to be stymied by the San Francisco Giants, who refuse to give up their territory rights to San Jose, which the A's consider the ideal place for them.
The Coliseum field is too big for baseball, the electric system is bad, the sewer system is horrible and the place is falling down. Nobody wants to play there.
There are two rumors floating around that are at odds with each other. The A's claim to be in negotiation with the city for a new 10-year lease, while the Raiders say they have contract talks under way to have the stadium torn down and a new one erected in it's place. Who is going to win this one? Is the pen mightier than the sledge hammer?

## Is this the start of the big sell off? The Boston Red Sox have designated A.J. Pierzynski for assignment. This is a team in decline, even worse than the Yankees. The Sox can't come to a new agreement with Jon Lester, Jake Peavy may be the next player to go, Pedroia is having a lousy season and can't seem to generate any power. Shortstop Stephen Drew was a mistake, their two highly touted rookies are under-performing and they have enough player on the DL to keep a medical team on 24-hour alert. So this could be a last-place to first-place to last-place scenario in three short years. I wonder if that's every happened?

## Ex-Yankee update: In his first appearance for the Arizona Diamondbacks, Vidal Nuno went 7 innings, gave up only 3 hits and no runs.  Now why couldn't the Yanks get someone like that?

## Current Yankee update: Masahiro Tanaka seems to get worse every time out. In his last 4 starts, he's given up 30 hits and 14 runs. Not too bad but certainly not overpowering. Maybe the Yanks should shut him down until after the All-Star break.

## 7-1! Is that really a soccer game score? A couple more games like this and maybe soccer will take off as a spectator sport in the U.S.Not only is Brazil a perennial powerhouse, but they're also hosting the World Cup. I think the Brazilian team just applied for asylum in the United States, at least I think that's who those masked men seen crossing the border were.

## There could be some major deals taking place in the next three weeks. Brian Cashman, who usually runs under the radar, has been outspoken this year about being ready to "rock and roll."  Let's see if he can get the Yanks rolling or if he just picks up a few more rocks.

"Newly hired coach Derek Fisher has vowed to fix the New York Knicks. Whereupon the head of NASA said: "I'm lucky. All I have to do is get a man to Mars."  -- Brad Dickson
"Milos Raonic, as a Canadian in Wimbledon’s men’s semi-finals, ended a drought that began in 1908. “Rats! Now who do we make fun of?" said the Chicago Cubs."  -- RJ Currie
"Joey ‘Jaws’ Chestnut consumed 61 hot dogs in 10 minutes. The average American eats only 70 per year."  -- Eric Kolenich
 "Just say the words “Wimbledon gentlemen’s singles” — then remember that John McEnroe and Ilie Nastase once played in them."  -- Dwight Perry
"This summer TGI Fridays will offer “Endless Appetizers.” $10 a person – no sharing please – unlimited refills of choices including Potato Skins, , Mozzarella Sticks and Boneless Buffalo Wings. Presumably the offer also comes with a free test for Type 2 Diabetes.."  -- Janice Hough
"A Yankees fan who was seen sleeping during a Red Sox-Yankees Sunday night game has now filed a $10 million defamation suit again ESPN and its announcers, largely due to some of the comments posted online after his picture went viral. $10 million! That’s almost enough to buy season tickets for a whole year at Yankee Stadium."  -- Janice Hough


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