Friday, July 18, 2014


So now the push begins. The Yankees have 65 games left to prove that last winter's spending spree was not in vain. Because of injuries and the under-performance of their acquisitions, they will have to spend even more. Cashman keeps promising that he will be aggressive before the trading deadline, but all that is available are players that will cost something the Yanks don't have - prospects, or a bunch of past-their-prime players that won't really be of any help. 59% of the Yanks last games are at home, but they're only winning about 48% of those games. If they don't make the playoffs again, we will see a whole new team next year.

Thank you ESPN for finding a way to fit in a baseball game during your 2-hour tribute to Derek Jeter. I'm obviously a Jeter fan, but this was just a bit overblown. Did we really have to watch him shake hands and hug EVERY SINGLE person in the AL dugout? I thought they were going to have him go into the stands and high-five all 41,000 fans.

All the teams have just 13 days left to decide if they are going to be buyers or sellers. Actually, they have less than that if they want to try to put any deals together. This shouldn't be called a trade deadline; it's really a desperation deadline.

Adam Wainwright casually mentioned something about grooving a pitch to Derek Jeter during the All-Star game. He later recanted even Jeter said, "Well, you still have to hit it." It doesn't matter whether he did or he didn't. The game is supposed to be an exhibition, not critical game of any kind. When will the powers that be realize that this situation is exactly the problem with making the game decide the home team advantage for the World Series. Jeter doubling to right, Babe Ruth hitting  a home run, Ricky Henderson stealing a base: this is what the fans want to see. If they want the game to have an important result, than they should let the managers and players treat the game that way. Let the best players play most or all of the game. let pitchers go three innings if their doing well. if 10 players don't get in, so what?  Go one way or the other, and the whole event will be better.

"The sideline reporter is a very important position. Without these men and women, we'd never know that, "It's really cold on the field," and that, "The players seem to have a lot of enthusiasm today."  -- Brad Dickson
"A big weekend in sports: LeBron went back to being a Cavalier, Carmelo went back to being a
Knick, and soccer went back to being a thing you drive your kids to." 
-- Seth Meyers
"I must have missed something when I turned on the All-Star Game. Just how many weeks does Derek Jeter have left to live?"  -- Alex Kaseberg
"The world’s tallest water slide — 168½ feet high — has opened in Kansas City, Kan. Though technically it’s only the second-biggest drop of the summer, if you care to include the Boston Red Sox."  -- Dwight Perry
"A used-car dealer is suing ESPN and MLB for $10 million after he was shown asleep in the stands during a Red Sox-Yankees game. If it comes down to his credibility versus that of ESPN and MLB, I’m going with the used-car dealer."  -- Brad Dickson
" After watching the show you now have to figure Bud Selig is staying up nights trying to figure out how to make sure the World Series includes Derek Jeter."  -- Janice Hough
"Alouettes receiver Chad Johnson claims he's had 15 parking tickets in Montreal because he can't read French. Here’s a tip: a French fire hydrant looks just like an English one."  -- RJ Currie
"During a Fourth of July fireworks display, the Lancaster Jets set their outfield left wall on fire. “Johnson, how did the promotion go?” “Fine, except for mumble, mumble.” “What?” “OK, OK, we burned down half the stadium.”  -- Brad Dickson


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