Tuesday, July 22, 2014


A man of his word, Brian Cashman has made a deal. Unfortunately, it's like trading away a worn-out left foot sneaker for it's right foot counterpart. The Yanks acquired Chase Headley from the San Diego Padres for Yangervis Solarte and a Class A pitcher. That's Class A as in location, not quality. The Padres are also sending $1 million to the Yanks and when have you ever heard of that before? Typically, NY has picked up a player who was pretty good - once.  Headley has won a glove glove at third, and after watching the Yankees fumble grounders, drop throws and fling balls all over the stadium, a gold glove addition has to be an improvement. Numbers-wise, Headley is not that much of an upgrade over Solarte, but he is also a switch hitter, so that helps Girardi maintain some flexibility.

Now let's see if Cashman can dredge up a used pitcher. David Cone might be available.

Let's face some reality here. Derek Jeter is no where near the fielder he once was. I'm not talking about his range, although he's not even getting close enough to some ground balls to even wave at them as they trickle into the outfield. He's fumbling more grounders than he ever did and his once strong, accurate arm is now neither. Unfortunately, Brendon Ryan is no answer either. He can be sporadic in the field, too, and at bat - well, the odds are 50-50 that he's can even foul off a pitch at the plate.

The Yanks face another guy tonight who is not having a good year. Nick Martinez has a batting-average-against of over .300 and an ERA of 5.10, but that didn't do any good last night.

Toronto's spurt seems to have died, Baltimore is leveling out, but it appears to be Boston's turn to run wild. Will the Yanks ever get into one of those hot streaks?

Fernando Rodney of the Mariners and the LA Angels are having some fun. Unlike Mariano Rivera, Rodney likes to show off after completing a save. He pulls an imaginary arrow out of an imaginary quiver and shoots it into the air with an imaginary bow. The other night, He shot one into the Angels dugout - in the 8th inning no less, which upset the Angels. The next night, with Trout on 2nd base, Pujols doubled him in against Rodney and then both Trout and Pujols fired imaginary arrows at Rodney. Rodney claims he didn't see it and thought it was funny. He also said he thought it was the ninth inning the night before. I can understand a player forgetting how many outs there are or what the count is, but when you can't keep track of what inning you're in...

Rory McElroy won the British Open and ex-girlfriend, Caroline Wozniacki won the Istanbul Cup this weekend. Imagine the athleticism in their children had they stayed together.

"What’s the big deal about NBA star Pao Gasol signing with Chicago? He’ll just be another Spaniard running with the Bulls."  -- RJ Currie
" Breaking: Cher just told Derek Jeter his farewell tour is dragging on too long."  -- Brad Dickson
" Not that we’ve watched “Caddyshack” a few too many times or anything, but what is Danny Noonan doing leading the British Open?"  -- Dwight Perry
"Economists say LeBron James’ return to the Cleveland Cavaliers will inject $500 million a year into the local economy. More importantly for James, it will inject $21 million a year into his economy."  -- Ian Hamilton
"New York Yankees just announced that the “official” game honoring Derek Jeter will be Sept. 7. Did no one in the front office see the All Star game?"  -- Janice Hough

"The first pitch at a baseball game in Taiwan involved a striptease. Hey, I think I found a way to restore interest in the MLB All-Star Game."  -- Brad Dickson
"John McEnroe’s son Kevin was busted trying to buy cocaine and prescription pills from a dealer. When arrested, he screamed, “You cannot be serious!”  -- RJ Currie


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