Tuesday, July 29, 2014

All the Vod that's fit to print

Congratulations to the Three Sgt. Schultzs of Baseball, Cox, LaRussa and Torre, on their induction into the HOF; The Three Little Schultzs managed throughout the Steroid Era and "saw nothing" and "knew nothing" while their players juiced away. 

Tonight, I was looking in the Yankee lineup for someone that pitchers would fear coming to the plate. Nope. No one there.

My lovely daughter-in-law Christine, a former college soccer player at Nazareth and still a huge soccer fan asked me, “How can you argue that baseball is less boring to watch than baseball?”.

I pointed out that I have never made that argument to her or anyone else, that an inning of baseball is, at best,  punctuated equilibrium,  a great opportunity to eat roasted meat in a bun and drink a favorite beverage at worst… and that is pretty darn good.

What I have argued is that while both provide long stretches of inaction, soccer tries to fool you into thinking that something is happening when it isn’t but baseball is honest,  makes little pretense and is right upfront about it with strolls around the mound, strolls around the batters box, exciting forms of theatrical entertainment including obsessive seed-spitting, groin-pulling, ritualized equipment adjustment and the occasional bench clearing brawl.

(Of course LT and I will drive from Victor to Philadelphia to watch if and when their soon-to-be papoose chooses to play… either.)

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