Friday, July 11, 2014


Brian Cashman keeps saying he's ready to deal, but his phone isn't ringing. The problem is, teams still have about 20 days before the trading deadline happens and not many teams are ready to admit defeat and start selling.
One team that appears ready is the Philadelphia Phillies. They have a few people that could be on the market. Cashman wants a starting pitcher and they have two that could go but there are problems. First of all, the money won't be a problem for the Yankees. They have consistently shown that they will not be deterred by any high-priced contract, but one area is a stumbling block - injuries.
Cliff Lee might go and the Yanks have always coveted him, but he is currently on the DL and, at age 35, the risks are great. They could probably deal for him without giving up too much in the way of prospects because they could take on the contract.
Cole Hamels is another. He's only 30 but he has a $20+ million contract too. He's the best choice but New York would have to give up a lot to get him.
If Cashman really wants to get inventive, here's an idea for him. Trade for Jonathan Paplebon. Put him in the bullpen and make Adam Warren a starter. He's a proven commodity and Paplebon eliminates the need for Warren in the bullpen. He's not as overpowering as he once was, but he's still really good. He wants out of Philly so bad, he might agree to becoming a setup man and the Phillies could clear some more money off the table. He'd still cost at least one blue chipper, but there's a lot less of a gamble with this move.

What do you think, Brian?


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