Saturday, March 22, 2014

Kanock, Kanock

Baseball Headline of the Day

March Madness Dunks On Boys of Summer

Baseball? Qu-est que c’est, Baseball?

What a difference a day makes. I was feeling good Friday night.   Dayton over an over-rated Ohio State? Got it. Harvard knocking off Cincinnati. No problem. Picked the smart guys because Bearcats' coach and raving loudmouth Mick Cronin is one guy that deserves to be bet against. Not the only bombastic bozo stalking a collegiate sideline, but one of the worst. Excluding North Dakota State knocking off Oklahoma, a fine day in the bracketology business.

Saturday? Not so much. Duke? Boom! Oklahoma State? Blam! VCU? Kapow!

Picked every higher seed to advance today. Time to play and pray.

Looking for Intelligence in all the Wrong Places... Republican presidential contenders and pretenders , aka America, We Be Screwed

Rick Santorum  - 2012 left-over
Jeb “I may run but please disregard my last name” Bush
Ted Cruz - the Republican in the Senate most hated by other Senate Republicans
Chris Christie - who is busy “bridging” his credibility gap
Paul “I’d rather be chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee than president” Ryan
Marco “You loved me once but will you ever love me again?” Rubio
Newly crowned front-runner Rand "Affordable Care Act is Slavery" Paul

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