Tuesday, March 11, 2014


... so rather than do any research for a blog post, let's ride on CP's coat tails today.

"Why are all these people allowed to be involved in MLB?"
If that’s the real question, this is the real answer.
Because if all of the people who have been or are still complicit in the decades long PED baseball bonanza then the current Commissioner, most current owners and several Hall of Fame managers would be banned from the business – so it’s in everyone’s best interest to just blame A-Rod for everything. 
“Makes you want to chip in a few bucks for Manny, doesn't it?”
No. 21 year-old Manny Machado should be able to struggle by on $519,000 until his agent negotiates a 7 – 9 digit deal in the not too distant future - and it will teach Manny the value of a half-million dollars. 
“If cream rises, then something has to drop”, or, The Search for Intelligent Life Continues… Still No Positive Results
Chad got that right. What usually drops is the credibility of the writers and coaches who are involved in the rankings. They are no better picking winners and losers than my friend Sheila who bases her decisions on who has the most cuddly mascot and much worse than CP’s cousin Fran who actually watches games.
These are the same jamoks who ranked Kentucky #1 in pre-season polls and continue their love affair with Duke, North Carolina and Kansas despite major flaws.
Thought You Should Know... for no particular reason
We may have to discontinue this feature. The NSA has wiretapped every phone, eavesdropped and recorded every conversation, scoured every database, impounded all  data available everywhere and classified every bit and byte as a threat to national security. From this point forward, no one will be allowed to know anything, anywhere at any time. Hmmm. That does remind me of the last week's CPAC convention.

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