Sunday, March 16, 2014

Noblesse oblige never gets old, does it Colonel Musnick?

Question: Would it be rude, or even impolitic, for even one of TV’s college basketball analysts or reporters to ask a kid how, given his impoverished background, he was able to cover his body in elaborate and expensive tattoos?"  -- Phil Mushnick
Answer: More than simply rude, Phil.

Phil, exactly who are these basketball players with tattoo covered bodies and why do you imagine that they all come from impoverished backgrounds?

Since you have access to personal information that we don’t, please Phil, give us a more complete image of just whom you’re talking about. 

Perhaps you could give us a list of ten or so players that are causing you so much consternation. Then you could tell them, and all the other ‘tattooed impoverished’, better ways to spend their  resources and live their lives. 

Oh, maybe they were involved in evil deeds in the inner city to get the cash for expensive body art. What do you think Phil? You raised the question and, as usual, I'm sure you think you know the answer.

C'mon, Phil. Don't be coy. Let us know what's really on your mind. Or, you could continue to just be a snarky ass.

Baseball Headline of the Day
Wish there was one.

The Search for Intelligent Life Continues... Again, No Positive Results
“The hard left, human-hating people that run modern universities” should “all be taken out and shot,” Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute head Austin Ruse declared this week.

Thought You Should Know… for no particular reason
Twitter, Facebook, and other social media are spreading a story that a large asteroid named 2003 QQ47 might impact the Earth next week, specifically on Mar. 21, 2014.

Nope. It won’t.

While the asteroid does exist, it won’t hit us next week and will not get closer than 19 million kilometers (nearly 12 million miles)—about 50 times farther away than the Moon.

Sleep tight, Picasnerites.

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