Thursday, April 04, 2013


The 2013 season is finally here and the Yankees have opened with a thud. The good news is that tickets will be ever so easy to get and this current crop of players will not be distracted by adoring fans either at the ballpark or out in public.

Best of all, as we have all been told, if you don't have something good to say about someone, don't say anything at all.

Given that wisdom... when does spring training 2014 begin.

Ignoring that wisdom, I shudder with embarrassment for Chad every time he comments on basketball. His latest rip on Brittany Griner earns him a scholarship to the George W. Bush School of Stupid and Honorable Mention in the Can You Say Something Dumber than Skip Bayless competition.

Indeed, Griner did not score for 24 minutes in an on-court street mugging ignored by three hapless officials who are unlikely to be allowed to work  at that level for some time to come. Not only was Griner doubled and tripled but actually had to contend with 5 on 1 defense when she was able to touch the ball in the post. Perhaps Chad could let us all know just what moves a player should make to beat getting grabbed, held, pushed, tripped, and hacked by multiple 'defenders'.

Griner has astonished everyone with her athleticism on the court, her ability to run the court and finish, and her poise both on and off the basketball court.

Here's a local lesson for our basketball clueless.

University of Rochester senior point guard John DiBartolemeo has received the top two awards given to DIII basketball players. He has been named the Men's Player of the Year and First Team All-American. It was his second Player of the Year and fourth First Team All-American honor.

This past season he led his team in scoring (over 22 ppg), rebounding and assists. Amazing, but he too apparently has no moves. He was held to no field goals and 2 points from the free throw line in Rochester's loss to Ithaca in this year's Sweet 16. Many of us who watched that game at a packed Palestra thought it was the double and triple team beat downs he faced all night. Nope - must have been the lack of moves.

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