Saturday, April 13, 2013


## Let's start with the most obvious. The Yanks turned a triple play last night against Baltimore. The triple play is one of the most interesting plays in baseball, partly because it takes a while to occur and can require an awful lot of teamwork. The unassisted triple play happens so fast that you need replay to actually see what happened. The Yanks triple play included all 4 infielders and a total of 6 assists. Two of the infielders, Youkilis and Overbay, are new to the team, and Jason Nix is a super-sub, but the teamwork was perfect. Of course, the Oriole baserunners helped. Alexi Casilla, on second, misjudged the soft liner to Cano and started back to second, which made him dead meat in a rundown. Manny Machado, who hit the ball, was a little too aggressive and got caught in no-man's land for the final out.
Ichiro Suzuki continues to struggle, going 0-4 last night. No home runs, but the Yanks are still hitting, in spite of the two-day vacation imposed by the weather.

## The Orioles, who had all the luck in the world last year, don't have it this year. Adam Jones dropped a bases-loaded fly ball in deep centerfield - a three-run error. In their next at bat, they blew a big chance to get back into the game when the first two men got on, by hitting into a triple play. The worm has turned.

## Carlos Quentin was suspended for 8 games for attacking Zack Greinke and injuring his shoulder after Greinke hit Quentin with a pitch. The suspension is too short. Dodger manager felt Quentin should be suspended for as long a Greinke is out, but that might be too much. I think he should be suspended for as many starts as Greinke misses, approximately 12-14.

## Bonus item:
The Toronto Blue Jays, considered to be the favorites to win the AL East, are in last place. Boston & New York, expected to fight for last place are tied for first.
The team thought to be the best in baseball, the Washington Nationals, have the worst record, 1-9, and are in last place.
The LA Angels, with Josh Hamilton and Albert Pujols, are only slightly better at 2-8, and have already had their first team meeting.

"Lindsey Vonn is in Augusta cheering Tiger on at the Masters. And presumably making sure Woods doesn’t head out for a pancake breakfast by himself."  -- Janice Hough
" Supermodel Adriana Lima wowed a Miami fashion show by deliberately wearing a designer outfit backwards. Lima looked fabulous, although no one knew if she was coming or going."  -- RJ Currie
"May I suggest we send the fired Rutgers basketball coach to deal with North Korea?"   -- Tim Hunter
"14 year old Guan Tinliang of China is the youngest player ever to compete at The Masters Golf Tournament. He finished today scoring a 73, and is in the middle of the pack. Through an interpreter, Guan said he’s wanted to play this course ever since he was a kid."  -- TC Chong
"To go to a game at Yankee Stadium now costs $365 for a family of four. It's getting so that an American family of four no longer can afford to scream obscenities at the Red Sox."  -- David Letterman
"Down in Single-A baseball, Chicago Cubs prospect Jorge Soler was fined and suspended five games for approaching the opposing team’s dugout wielding a bat. The punishment could have been worse, but since he was a member of the Cubs organization, baseball officials figured he actually wouldn’t hit anything."  --  Janice Hough

Norman Chad's Stupidest Things In Sports
"Sportscasters wearing leis every time they cover an event in Hawaii. You don’t see newscasters walking around with rosary beads every time they cover something at the Vatican."
"The seventh-inning stretch. For starters, considering the obesity epidemic in America, there’s no room to stretch any more without knocking over your upper-deck neighbor. Besides, here in Los Angeles, most of us have left by the seventh inning, anyway."


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