Friday, April 05, 2013


This is the saddest story since the Penn State fiasco. How can you trust these nationally known universities with your sons and daughters,  when they allow this horrible treatment of children and young adults?

First, Rutgers coach Mike Rice is suspended, then fired for the verbal and physical abuse of his players. Now the assistant coach, Jimmy Martelli, has also been fired for the same violations. We also find out that the Athletic Director, Tim Pernetti, and the President, Robert Barchi, knew about these violations as long ago as last summer. All they did at first, was suspend coach Rice and finally, under pressure, fired him. Yesterday, they fired the assistant coach. Pernetti and Barchi, however, are continuing in their present positions. WHY?

Turns out, that's a stupid question. This is what ESPN has found out. "A source close to Rutgers' Board of Trustees told "Outside the Lines" on Wednesday that "Pernetti's job is safe" for now because of his prior work on getting Rutgers, currently a member of the Big East, into a lucrative deal to move into the Big Ten."  So the answer to the "WHY" question is $$$$$$$$$. 

Any other questions? 

##  The Yankees win! Thhheee Yankees win! I wasn't sure we were ever going to hear that again.  I like the wins, I'm already sick of John Sterling and his home run calls. "Wells Bells?"  Really?

Pettitte shuts down the Red Sox for eight innings and Mariano closes out the 9th...with a little hitch. I'll never tire of that. The Yanks have now hit four homers in the first three games. That's a pace for 216 homers for the year. Don't get too excited, but even Annie-O is hopeful again.

Michael Kay and the rest of the broadcasting team have been saying that the Yanks will have to play a lot more small ball this year. I can't think of anything smaller than watching Brett Gardner get thrown out at second base twice. The home run was pretty, though.

If they are going to use that extreme shift on Robinson Cano, he has got to take advantage of it. He's not like Teixeira, a dead pull hitter, he can hit to all fields. Four bunts or slap singles to left field in one game will stop that shift or greatly reduce it.

 After Pettitte threw a ball past Cervelli, he stood on the mound and watched his catcher retrieve it. In the meantime, Shane Victorino, on second at the time, rounded third and took off for home. Luckily, Cervelli beat him to the plate and got him out. If he had scored, it would have been on Pettitte. Not what you would expect from a guy with Andy's experience. 

## The semi-finals of the NCAAs start tomorrow night. Syracuse is the late game again. There are only TWO games. Why can't they start the first game 2:00 or 3:00 PM? That way the Syracuse game could end about 10:00 PM instead of  one o'clock in the morning. I'd like to know what drugs are being used by the programmers.

## Finally, to answer Vod, Brittany Griner may actually have a lot of athletic ability, but she has not exhibited any moves. She hasn't had to. If you watch her games, she scores a lot from under the basket, taking shots without leaving her feet, let alone displaying any fakes. She can jump, and move . but she needs to be taught how to use her abilities. This is the point I was making. You might as well double and triple-team her, because she hasn't learned how to take advantage of it. If she goes pro, they will teach her.

A sad note. Stan Kegel, Weakly Humerus News, a blog in which he lists all the great quotes of the week, has suspended his blog for a few months, " get some much needed rest." A lot of the humerous quotes in this blog come from Stan. Here's hoping he returns soon.

 "A White House report puts the odds this year of a city-sized asteroid hitting the earth at one in 20,000. Or about twice as likely as the Cubs winning the World Series"  -- RJ Currie
"The Yankees beat Boston tonight 4-2. It won’t show on the box score but Pay-Rod had a great night too, scoring 5 phone numbers."  -- TC Chong
"The Chicago Cubs are in first place. Is this a sign of the apocalypse?"  -- Janice Hough
"The U.S. has sent F-22 planes to join South Korean drills in order to send a message to North Korea. This is unnecessary. Considering the reported strength of the North Korean military, we could have sent over the Navy guy from The Village People."  -- Brad Dickson
"JaMarcus Russell, the corpulent QB bust, is back under 300 pounds as he attempts another NFL comeback.Regaining his touch on drop-back passes should be no problem, fitness gurus say, once he gets the roll out."  -- Dwight Perry
""Now THIS is what a Final Four is supposed to look like. We have a clear favorite (Louisville), two teams that could plausibly win it (Michigan and Syracuse) and a random team that appears to have accidentally hopped on the wrong bus."  -- Michael Rosenberg
"The Knicks' Carmelo Anthony had 37 points on the stat sheet before accumulating his first rebound, assist, steal or foul against the Heat on Tuesday night. Which certainly puts a whole new spin on "all-or-nothing player."  -- Dwight Perry
" Ndamukong Suh has been eliminated from “Splash.” The scary thing for the Detroit Lions is this means they go into next season with a defensive lineman who lost an athletic competition to Louie Anderson."  -- Brad Dickson



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