Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Street Fight in Atlanta

Soon after the announcers deservedly praised Michigan freshman Spike Albrecht for putting up 17 points in 15 minutes of playing time in the first half, declaring it a performance never before seen in a championship game, Louisville junior Luke Hancock completed a personal 14 – 1 run hitting 4 consecutive 3’s to erase a 12 point deficit and give Louisville the lead. Hancock finished the half with 16 points in 13 minutes of play. Game on.

Doesn’t Rick Pitino look like a vampire who’s a quart low?

This Final Four, perhaps more than any other, was positive proof that contemporary players are too big and too fast for the current crop of hapless officials. It took less that 2:30 before this crew blew an obvious goal tending call when Louisville’s Dieng ‘blocked’ a shot just after it touched the backboard. The Three Blind Mice didn’t stop there. The laugher of the night was at the 11:09 mark of the second half when Louisville’s Luke Hancock took the legs out from under a Michigan driver and the Mice gave the foul to a Louisville player not involved in the play, rather than give Hancock his 4th foul. There was a time when I thought officials blew calls from time to time. Now, they just blow.

Interesting Final Four Fact? At the 8:30 mark of the 1st half Michigan had five freshmen on the floor.

Most Outstanding Player – junior Luke Hancock. Maybe. His 14 point first half run was indeed outstanding. I’ll give my non-vote to Chane Behanan. The refs allowed an on-court rumble and Behanan was the clear winner grabbing 12 boards, including 7 offensive boards, as well as beating the snot out of any Michigan player stepping into the lane. It wasn’t pretty but it was the difference.

Baseball News

It was a big day of hitting and pitching for the boys from New York. Of course, that would be the Mets. Matt Harvey threw high-90s bullets and the Mets pounded Roy Halladay in their 5th win. What’s going on here?

In an unexpected development, the Yankees won their second game in a row. Brett Gardner, thankfully, got a hit… before immediately being thrown out attempting to steal 2nd. Hiroki Kuroda turned in a gritty performance, both in form and substance, throwing 111 pitches in 5.1 innings and it looks like Joba Chamberlain might settle into the role of mop up man when the team is up big taking 29 pitches to complete one inning of work. The good news was he lowered his ERA to 13.50 (yes, I know it’s too early to care but I liked the line).  All in all, a good day for the Yanks.

In Other News

Margaret ‘The Milk Snatcher’ Thatcher died today. She was a staunch ally of Ronald ‘Ketchup is a Vegetable’ Reagan. (If you don’t recognize the references fell free to use Google, Bing, or your search engine of choice. We can’t be expected to tell you everything.)

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