Thursday, April 04, 2013

V - Thursday

Again and Again and Again...
The Yankees sent pitchers to the mound tonight with a combined age of 83, and it only took two guys. If you are any kind of baseball fan you have to love the performances of Andy Pettitte and Mariano Rivera at Yankee Stadium tonight. For the 18th time in his career Pettitte was the winner in a game that stopped a multi-game losing streak and Mariano was, once again, Mariano, the greatest closer of all time.

Official Misconduct 
Pac-12 coordinator of officials Ed Rush resigned Thursday less than a week after first reported that he put a bounty on Arizona coach Sean Miller in the Pac-12 tournament and creating an atmosphere of fear among his officials. Several of ESPN's talking heads including the egomaniacal, self-absorbed loudmouths on First Take bent over backwards to dismiss this as no more than Rush "joking" with his officials, remarks taken out of context, he's a real saint, blah, blah, blah.
Nice try, morons. The general consensus expressed by PAC-12 officials was that Ed Rush does not joke, is a bottom-line bully who manages by intimidation and whose resignation was necessary to avoid a wholesale mutiny for the coming season by PAC-12 officials with agreements with other leagues. 
Rush is far from the only psycho official out there - nor is Mike Rice the only psycho coach. DI schools long ago sold out to Huge Money as their core value in basketball and football while wishing they could reap megadollars from other sports. The current "stories" are simply a bit of scum that floated to the top of an increasingly corrupt entertainment empire. The stake holders (lol) will put on quite a spectacle this weekend. Steve Alford will be watching from Los Angeles while his wife manages packing in New Mexico. SU and three other entertainment complexes will reap wads of cash from the sale of player jerseys, young men will be flown to Atlanta, housed, catered, and attended to for the big games and every call will be whatever an official wants it to be. 
Given the current circumstances we might get a decent game or two called.

It could happen.

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