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Just when they need a professional, experienced coach, they hire Doug Marrone out of Syracuse. He has spent seven years in the NFL as an offensive coordinator, but the SU job was his first as a head coach.  His four year record at Syracuse was an uninspiring 25-25.
We'll give Marrone a pass for now, but the Bills still need a GM who can recognize talent and a new quarterback.

You would think that an organization with the word "sports" in it's name, would have some idea of how these games work. This little tidbit came from Phil Mushnick of the NY Post:
"The opening kick to Thursday’s Fiesta Bowl was returned 94 yards for a TD by Oregon’s De’Anthony Thomas. ESPN responded with a series of crowd and sideline shots. Then, because the “E” stands for Excessive, ESPN added more, then even more. Seven crowd shots appeared before ESPN returned us to the field. By then, it was too late. Those familiar with Oregon — and that should include ESPN, no? — know that the Ducks often attempt extra points out of a wild, shifting formation, one that at first appears as if they’re going for two. The wild play was lost to ESPN’s audience because ESPN again proved that it spends more time self-promoting than self-preparing."
Also this weekend, ESPN was so busy spouting about what a great game it was about to televise, that they completely missed the opening kickoff. The Whole play! We can assume it was a touchback because the offensive team started at the 20 yardline. The suits broadcasting the game, who will over-analyze everything including some of the cheerleaders, were very careful not to mention this gaffe. 

In line with Vod's (I'm still not used to his other name) comments about the phrases used in broadcasting, comes this little beauty.
 "I watched the movie version of Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” just to see the ghosts “move the chains.”  -- Pat Proietta, Rochester, NY

Sometimes, there just isn't enough sports going on to occupy your time. So if you have to  look elsewhere to find items to write about, what better place than the police logs?

"Andruw Jones' wife files for divorce after altercation"
"Ugueth Urbina is released from prison and is playing ball in Venezuela"
"Carlton Fisk is arrested for DUI."
"SF reliever Sergio Romo is issued a misdemeanor summons after a fracas in an airport" 
Boys will be boys.

Javier Vasquez, when asked about continuing to play, was quoted as saying, "I have not closed the door." 
Baseball has, but Javier hasn't.

Baseball teams are loathe to give up prospects these days. They're younger and cheaper. They try harder and...did I mention that they're cheaper? 
There are some big-name free agents out there that can't get an offer. Kyle Lohse, Adam LaRoche, Rafael Soriano, and Michael Bourn. Why? One, Boras is asking for long term deals and big money. Two, they're all tied to a loss of a #1 draft pick for whoever signs them. Because of this, even the Boras tool of a "pillow" contract, one year at good money, doesn't work because of that draft pick. Boras' other favorite trick, The One Dumb Owner, isn't likely to happen either. Not only would the owner have to be "dumb," but also  have taken up residence in an institution.

By the way, Nick Johnson is still available, but so far, the only one interested in him is Blue Cross, Blue Shield.

"Syracuse basketball coach Jim Boeheim tied Bob Knight's all-time record for wins with 902. There was one flagrant foul late in the game when Bob Knight tackled Jim Boeheim."  -- Brad Dickson
" A New York Daily News report says Tim Tebow will ask the Jets to trade him. Given his current value, the deal may list him as a prayer to be named later."  -- RJ Currie
 "Hall of Fame jockey Gary Stevens, 49, is returning to the saddle after a seven-year "retirement." In keeping with the theme, he's limiting all his early rides to old gray mares."  -- Dwight Perry
"It's time for the NFL Pro Bowl: That's the game players are thrilled to be chosen for, but then schedule hangnail surgery and bad hair days to avoid actually playing in."  -- Greg Cote
"Report: NHL owners and players still not in agreement on when next lockout should be."  --
"Northern Illinois lost big to Florida State in the Discover Orange Bowl. It's called that because Northern Illinois discovered it doesn't belong in the Orange Bowl."  -- Brad Dickson
"The BCS has come clean on the controversy surrounding Northern Illinois playing in the Orange Bowl. They were actually supposed to go to the Cumquat Bowl."  -- TC Chong
 "Lance Armstrong is reportedly considering admitting that he used PEDs. What? Does he think it will help him get into the Baseball Hall of Fame?"  -- Janice Hough





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