Saturday, January 05, 2013

Put a Cork in It

Watching any NFL game requires 1) that you select an alternative channel to watch while endless commercials are aired at nearly every stoppage in play, and 2) a book to read when the endless commercials on your alternate station happen to coincide with the aforementioned endless commercials, and 3) a high tolerance for endless platitudes spouted by incredibly untalented announcers.

The platitude of the year is, "You can't let that happen!" You know exactly when to expect hearing this - immediately after what they can't let happen has just happened.

"You can't let that runner turn the corner."

"You can't let Adrian Peterson run for 409 yards in your last two meetings."

"You can't let that receiver get behind you for a 63 yard conversion."

Not only can they, but they just did.

Hot Rumor:

Recently heard at the International IT New York Symposium,  Chris McKendry and Sheldon Cooper were assembled and programmed by the same lab.

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