Wednesday, January 23, 2013


** Commissioner Goodell lifts the suspension of coach Sean Payton, instituted because of 'Bounty-gate.' In his statement to the press, Payton was quoted as saying, "I clearly recognize that mistakes were made, which led to league violations." Not, 'I made mistakes' or 'I apologize for my mistakes,' but "...mistakes were made." Can't anyone just own up to their misdeeds without making it sound like they just happened to be in the same area code when they occurred?
Sean Payton, meet Lance Armstrong.

** I thought this pairing had the makings of a match in heaven: a sports commentary program pitting Steven A. Smith, Mr. Know-It-All, against Skip Bayless, Mr. Know-It-All-More. These are two guys who are never wrong, at least in their own minds. Surely, one of them has to go down in flames, right?  Wrong!
The topic was Tom Brady's slide and leg kick in the N.E - Balt. game. Skip Clue-less was his usual definite self, stating that what Brady did was "intentional and dirty."  Of course, Skip was inside Brady's head and knew what he was thinking. If Skip had ever played sports, he would have known that when you slide, your leg can kick upward automatically a lot of times. It's instinctive. Certainly when a QB is laying on the ground with a burly lineman bearing down on him, his first thought is, "Gee, what can I do to irritate him even more? I know, I'll kick him in the stomach." 
Bayless' last statement was, "The bottom line to this discussion, is..."  Keep in mind, Steven A. hadn't had a chance to speak yet, but Bayless had already stated the final conclusion to the debate. I thought Smith would try to take a bite out of Bayless leg, but no, he didn't. He just laughed, dropped a few names, suggested that there might be other reasons for the kick, and signed off. How disappointing. 

** It turns out the Mike Napoli does have a health issue that negated his original deal with the Red Sox. They have agreed to  a revised deal of one year instead of three, for $13 million. Napoli's problem is a degenerative hip joint (Avascular necrosis) which ended Bo Jackson's career. This is different from A-Rod's problem, which is more of an injury, than a disease. 

** Buster Olney is picking his Top Ten baseball groups, such as Best Bullpen All-Time, Best Starting Staff, etc. His number one outfield" Roger Maris - Mickey Mantle - Yogi Berra of the 1961 Yankees. Hard to argue with that one.It produced 137 homers and totaled 325 runs scored

"Okay, so maybe many people expected the Los Angeles Lakers were over optimistic to think about contending for a title…. but in 2013, who thought they’d be being outplayed by the Wizards?"  --  Janice Hough
"According to a new Facebook study, when a man poses with a guitar in his profile photo, women are three times more likely to date him. Hey, maybe Manti Te'o was holding an air guitar."  -- RJ Currie
"Last year, Tom Brady's wife ripped Wes Welker after a Patriots loss. This year, Welker's wife ripped Ray Lewis. Yo, Mrs. Lewis? Tag — you're it!"  -- Dwight Perry
"The U.S. Figure Skating Championships under way in Omaha, Nebraska. Tuesday morning I saw a triple Salchow, a double lutz and a figure eight, and that was just on my morning commute with the snow."  -- Brad Dickson
"So what will they serve at the reception if Elin Nordegren says "I do" to Tiger Woods again? Mulligan stew?"  -- Dwight Perry
"I just hope that this one painful online experience doesn't cause Manti Te'o to give up on all imaginary girlfriends."  -- Jay Leno
"The final four in the NFL face off on Sunday. The AFC and NFC championship games showcase health and physical fitness. They are sponsored by Budweiser, Doritos, and Taco Bell."  --  Alan Ray
" The NHL lockout lasted 113 days. Hockey starved Canuck fans at the home opener this weekend won’t even notice the 4 month old flat beer and stale peanuts." --  TC Chong



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