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***NY - 10, BOS - 8***
You can't have a Red Sox-Yankee series without some drama, and this one has started out that way.  We had so many dramas last night, I could fill the blog with stories. This slug fest looked for all the world like a slow-pitch softball game...without the keg - at least in my house.
Neither starter had any command, especially Beckett, who appeared more likely to throw the ball to the backstop than to the catcher. Kuroda, in the meantime, must as well have been throwing underhand, judging by the ease Boston had  hitting him.  As a Yankee fan, I have to say I enjoyed the cheers for Beckett when he finally threw a strike that wasn't laced into the deepest confines of Fenway.
And what is drama without Bobby Valentine?  He got involved in the 7th inning.  He had lefty Andrew Miller throwing the ball in the high 90's, but chose to bring in righty Vincent Padilla to face the switch-hitting Teixeira.  Padilla and Tex have a history with each other, Tex hitting home runs, Padilla hitting Teixeira.  This was no "book" decision, when managers tell reporters "that so & so's numbers were very good against a particular hitter."  No, this was Valentine trying to get inside Teixeira's head with the idea that he might get hit by a pitch. Why you would want to hit a guy with two men on and one out in a one-run game defies explanation.  Needless to say, it didn't work.  Afterwards, Valentine claimed he, "... doesn't pay any attention to personal histories."  Liar, liar, pants on...  Sorry, I got carried away there.
Apparently there must have been some sort of side bet on the game, because both Valentine and Girardi managed like it was the seventh game of the World Series.  Micro-managing at it's finest.
Maybe all the time off Girardi is giving A-Rod isn't helping his power, but it's sure paying off with his legs.  Alex is now 9 for 9 in stolen bases. Who needs Brett Gardner?

It used to be Reggie Jackson, currently it's A-Rod.  Somehow these two guys always seem to  find themselves in the middle of a brouhaha.  Yesterday, it was both of them.
First Reggie: Among his remarks in an interview, again with Sports Illustrated (remember the  "straw that stirs...?), Reggie said that A-Rod's numbers, "were suspect because of his admission to taking PEDs."
Then he listed players he didn't think belonged in the Hall of Fame. He named Kirby Puckett, Gary Carter, Don Sutton, Phil Neikro, Jim Rice and Bert Blyleven in particular.  Interestingly, Bill Mazeroski wasn't specifically mentioned.  He also said, "If accused PED-users are elected,  current members of the Hall will boycott the induction ceremony in protest."  You know, current players like Kirby Puckett, Gary Carter, etc.
A-Rod's response was, "This will remain a private affair between friends." He then added, "With friends like this, who needs enemies?"  Sounds about right.

It seems he's upset with the 'piddling' amount of money Boston is paying him this year. A lousy $14 million, if memory serves. I guess he figures if you're hitting .300 with 22 homers & 56 RBI's, you can say any dumb thing you want. He also said there would be no "hometown discounts," and he was going to actively search for the best monetary deal. Refreshingly honest if not poorly timed.

It's finally happened.  All the different brands of beer are so close in quality, they've resorted to gimmicks to sell their product.  First, there was the label that changed color when the beer got cold. Then they added a deeper color when it got super-cold. Next, another brand came out with the twisted neck "to make the beer pour better."  Now, they have the "punch-top" can so you can get the beer faster. So I guess if it's really cold, pours better and drinks faster, it doesn't matter what brand of beer you buy.  Pretty soon, the beer will come with the automatic "12-step program."

"Kobe Bryant wooed Steve Nash to Phoenix, LeBron James and Chris Paul are both working on Ray Allen. This isn’t an offseason, it’s the NBA version of “The Bachelor.”  -- Janice Hough
" Actor Alec Baldwin was married in New York City. I’m starting to think he might have an anger problem. When the wedding guests threw rice, he threw it back."  -- Brad Dickson
"Arkansas football coach John L. Smith says he's making plans to declare bankruptcy because of several bad land investments. Or as Razorbacks apologists prefer to spin it, he just couldn't get his ground game established."  -- Dwight Perry
"ex-Cardinals manager Tony La Russa denied that grudges played a role in some Reds getting left off the NL All-Star roster: "But remember this, La Russa is a man who intentionally walked Barry Bonds — in spring training."  -- Janice Hough
"Why are the Washington Nationals so concerned about Stephen Strasburg's pitch count?  They must be saving his arm for when he eventually signs with the Yankees."  -- Mike Bianchi
"Two female sprinters may have to do a coin toss after they tied in an Olympic qualifying event. The coin toss will last just a second, while NBC's coverage of it will last about a day and a half."  -- Jimmy Fallon
"The Red Sox now have only one player left (David Ortiz) from their last World Series Championship. The rest have moved on to investing in businesses such as Fried Chicken outlets and Beer and Wine stores."  -- Tony Chong
"The Steelers' LaMarr Woodley is getting married this summer. The wedding party is said to include Ben Roethlisberger, six bridesmaids and 24 washroom attendants."  -- RJ Currie


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