Monday, July 23, 2012


## The Yanks have made a trade with the Seattle Mariners. Ichiro Suzuki will be playing right field for the Yankees tonight. The Yanks gave up pitchers D.J. MItchell, Danny Farquhar and fungo bat to be named later. Oh sure, his career stats are impressive, but he's 38 years old, currently hitting .261 (career .322) with an OBP of .288 (career .366).  His next home run will be his 100th -- in 12 seasons.  But he can still throw so maybe the Yanks can use him in relief.  It will be interesting to see how this turns out.

## You can tell when substitue players are making an impact when they achieve their own nicknames. The Yankee subs - Jones, Ibanez, Nix and Wise are now being called the "Bench Bombers" and the "Jurassic Park Platoon."  Catchy.

## The Japanese team for the 2013 World Baseball Classic is threatening to boycot the event unless they get a bigger portion of the revenue. Who do they think they are? The Yankees?

##  I read that ESPN has acquired the rights to the Rose Bowl Game.  Knowing ESPN, I assume the pre-game show will start on Dec. 10th and run till game day. The game show itself will feature interviews from star players to coaches to trainers and finally the popcorn vendors. There will be a segment on the history of the Rose Bowl Game plus a history of the rose itself. This will be followed by an aerial view of the cheerleaders and a prediction of the score by the parking lot attendent. The actual game will be show as a replay one week later. 

## Thank heavens the Yankees are out of Oakland. Last time there was a beating this bad on the west coast Rodney King was involved.

"Due to the cool rainy weather in London, beach volleyball players will likey swap out their bikinis for long sleeves and leggings.  In an unrelated developement, NBC announced it's reducing scheduled beach volleyball coverage from 26 hours to 43 seconds."  -- Brad Dickson
"Team USA Men's Basketball team defeated Great Britain 118-78. I won't say Team USA is cocky, but the players cut down the nets after the first quarter."  -- Brad Dickson
"A survey by an infidelity website found that most married women would cheat with David Beckham. The rest would cheat with Victoria Beckham.  -- RJ Currie
"Does Nick Saban have X's and O's for everything? The Crimson Tide football coach employed two blockers to keep media out of the restroom while he did his business at SEC Media Days."  -- Dwight Perry
"When asked about the new NBA idea to put ads on uniforms, MLB commissioner Bud Selig said “You learn never to say never, but you know, with us, uniforms are really important.” Translation, “The Yankees don’t want ads.”  -- Janice Hough

Congratulations to my grandson Andrew. His team finished second in the Brockport International Soccer Tournament and Andrew was awarded the Sportsmanship trophy.


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