Friday, July 13, 2012


What's the question? Well, it could be the REAL home run record, at least in my mind and the mind of a lot of other people. But what I was trying to ask was, How many players appeared in the All-Star game?  If they had more players, the number would have been higher. Silliness.

While rehabbing in a minor league game this week, Carl Crawford stated that a fan hurled a racial insult at him. Boston has never been noted for racial tolerance, but I sure thought we were past this kind of public racism. It turns out that the main suspect is an off-duty policeman from the town of Leominster. The mayor has promised a full inquiry into the matter. Currently, the cop has been assigned desk duty. If convicted, he could be dismissed from the force, or even worse, be required to have Bobby Valentine over to his house for dinner.

Speaking of Boston, the Red Sox main beat reporter, Gordon Edes, has written an article that's not going to make him many friends in the Red Sox organization. In it, he lists a number of the problems the Sox have:
We'll start with the title which is BOBBY-ING AND WEAVING.  Valentine Has His Hands Full.
# David Ortiz has publicly supported Valentine, but sources say that is just for show.
# Another source says Bobby does not have the support of anyone in the clubhouse.
# When Valentine went to the mound in Chicago, the whole infield joined him - except for Pedroia, who stayed at his position at 2nd base.
# He traded Youkilis and the team is still grumbling about it.
# Pitching coach, Bob McClure seldom tells Bobby what is discussed when he goes to the mound and often walks past Valentine without even saying hello.
# Valentine frequently appears ill-informed about the team's injuries and rehabbing players.
# Valentine moves his players around in the lineup which some veteran players don't like. Terry Francona used to tell players the night before if they weren't playing. Now, they don't find out until the lineup is posted.
If Boston doesn't get into the playoffs, Bobby will be ridden out of town.  And the sign-up sheet in the clubhouse for a driver is already two pages long.

Buster Olney said the Boston schedule for the 2nd half is one of the easiest. It's probably even easier for those teams playing the Red Sox.

Cole Hamels is the subject of a lot of trade rumors. Philadelphia is supposedly making one last ditch effort to sign him to an extension. Hamels agent says the STARTING POINT is $22.5 million a year for 5 years. That number sure isn't Salary Cap-friendly.

The Yanks have signed their #1 draft pick, Ty Hensley, a right-handed pitcher from California, who averaged 2 strikeouts per inning in his senior year in high school.  It wasn't mentioned if he graduated, but that doesn't matter, just so his accountant did.

Mariners general manager Jack Zduriencik keeps insisting he will not trade Felix Hernandez.  If that's true, why does he have to keep saying it week after week?

Boston -  no last minute reprieve for Valentine    FADE
Pirates - A good run, but too much young talent   FADE
Chi White Sox - No real competition and the players like Robin Ventura  SUCCESS
Phillies - No chance FADE
Yanks - I can't see much in their way  SUCCESS
Texas - Yes and no. They'll make the playoffs but they might not win their division  SUCCESS?
Giants - If they don't win the NL West, they'll make the playoffs  SUCCESS
Dodgers - The loss of Kemp showed that they have some big problems   FADE
A-Rod - I don't think it's ever coming back  FADE (but a lot of players would love his numbers)
Houston - Well, they won't have the worst record in the National League next year. 
Oh, and Reggie has made another round of apologies.  It's hard to make people believe you when you have no excuses. 

"I'm sorry, but there are too many records in Major League Baseball. The other night a game was halted to announce a player just tied the mark for most stolen bases on a Thursday by a guy named Gary."  -- Brad Dickson
"Canadian Mischo Erban set a world skateboard record going 130 kph down a steep road in Quebec. It's the fastest anyone has gone downhill this side of Lindsay Lohan."  --  RJ Currie
"The NFL filed court papers alleging that Broncos linebacker D.J. Williams tried to manipulate a drug test, possibly with nonhuman urine. So, in addition to his six-game NFL ban, he's been declared ineligible for next year's Kentucky Derby."  -- Dwight Perry
"It's the annual Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain.  Americans get the same thrill running just ahead of the bankers at the first of every month."  -- Argus Hamilton
"The ultimate sports dilemma: "Yankees vs. Red Sox tonight, but you only have one 5-hour energy drink. Do you watch first six innings or last six?"  -- Steve Rushin
"The Seattle Mariners are hitting .195 at home. You think that's bad? They're hitting .212 during batting practice."  -- Brad Dickson
"The MLB All-Star game was basically decided after the first inning. It was so boring, that by the 7th inning stretch, I had taught myself to play "Take Me Out To The Ballgame" on my vuvuzela."  -- TC Chong


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