Monday, February 28, 2011


In a conversation with Dwight Perry about Duke Snider yesterday, he said, " He had the misfortune of playing center field in New York when Mays and Mantle did; a very, very good player in his own right.
In any discussion of the three centerfielders, that is the accepted analysis. I believe that stems from the ultimate record of the three of them, but few realize that Duke was older and peaked just as the other two were getting started. In his hey-day, 1953 - 1957, Duke was their equal if not their leader.

Batting average : Duke - .311, Mays - .323, Mantle - .324
On-base pct. : .407 .397 .444
Home runs : 207 163 171
RBI's : 585 418 517
Lets not forget he was also a superb outfielder with a strong arm and hit 11 homers in 6 World Series.

Holmes blew a five-hole lead to Watson over the final eight holes at the Match Play Championship?
It's a mystery to everybody.

Greg Cote on Miami's hockey team, the Panthers, poor TV ratings:
"The good news? The Panthers occasionally narrowly outdraw the test pattern and the whining siren of the Emergency Broadcast System."

• Scott Ostler of the San Francisco Chronicle, on injury-prone A's pitcher Rich Harden: "If you put an arrow pointing to each of his injuries, Harden would look like General Custer."

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