Sunday, February 06, 2011


The game isn't until 6:00 PM, but the pregame show(s) are in high gear. Everyone is making predictions, of course, with the split pretty even with a small edge to the Packers. Earlier in the week, it seemed weighted more heavily towards the Pack, but with all the hype for both teams, true perception of the abilities of both teams tend to blur.
Not that I'm the prognosticator that the Little Watootsie is, but Picasner is going with the Steelers, 28-24.

The Pro Football Hall of Fame election results were announced and congratulations to those elected. I have but one question: How could Deion Sanders make it but not Andre Reed? If we were choosing up sides, I'd pick Andre three times before I'd let myself get stuck with Neon Deion. He was fast and talented but I think you could add up his career total tackles and not get to double figures. This is football, after all.


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