Sunday, February 20, 2011


***MISTAKE #1***
Notre Dame versus West Virginia at Morgantown. Not my favorite town, but WVA coach Bob Huggins is a trip. The refs called a charge on a Mountaineer drive to the basket which was clearly a blocking foul. Huggins had to be physically restrained by TWO assistant coaches from going after the ref, and as they say in West Virginia, " hisself a technical." Not two minutes later, on the other end, Notre Dame star Ben Hansbrough found himself on the receiving end of a charge which the refs called a block. Bye-bye Ben and hello big "T" to ND coach Mik Aoki, who attempted to throw the ref out of the game. It didn't take though. All in all, an exciting game completely mis-handled by the refs. When both coaches get called for a technical foul within two minutes, it's a pretty good sign that the Zebras have lost control.

***MISTAKE #2***
In the Pittsburgh-St Johns game, another barn-burner, an apparent non-call by the refs with less than 2 seconds left, allowed SJU guard Dwight Hardy to drive the baseline and score the winning basket with a reverse underhand scoop. Great play but it appeared that his last step was clearly on the end line. This made for better drama, though.

On as sad note, it looks like Detroit Tiger star Miguel Cabrera has slipped off the wagon. Cabrera, who had alcoholism problem in 2009, appeared to have licked the problem last year, having his most productive season. Last week, he was arrested for DUI in Florida, actually taking a swig of booze in front of the State Trooper. Not exactly the brightest thing you could do. I hate to see gifted athletes have this kind of problem. I wish him luck.

I haven't posted lately because I've been under the weather. No, it isn't because of Annie-O's cooking, it was a cold.


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