Tuesday, November 02, 2010


15 weeks sounds a little better, but only a little. Of the Big Three major sports (I never watched much hockey), it seems that only in pro-basketball does one of the 2 or 3 "best" teams usually win. Because of the number of games played in the regular season and in the playoffs, you'd think that this would be true in baseball, too. But, it isn't. You can't really say that San Fran or Texas or Cincinnati don't belong in the playoffs, or deserve to win it all, because they're obviously good teams, but it seems to me that the answer is that there just isn't that much difference in the teams.
Think about this: Oakland finished 9 games back of Texas with a .500 record. Change any 10 losses to wins and we might have had west coast 'subway series'. That's 10 games out of 162. That's only 6%! And yet no one really considered the A's as contenders. Obviously there is a little more than just talent involved here and whatever it was, San Francisco had it.
Congratulations Giants!!

You'll never guess. Kevin Long, hitting coach of the Yanks has a new 3-year deal. Pretty important signing if you're a Yankee hitter. We're still a ways away from all the hoopla around some super-star names. After all, General Managers have to evaluate their current roster, sift through the available players, and, in the Yankee organization anyway, start printing more money.

"WHEN OWNERS ATTACK" It's a story about Texas owner Chuck Greenberg, calling Yankee fans, "...violent, apathetic and an embarrassment," for their behavior during the playoffs. Yes, that's the old "Evil Empire" rearing it's ugly head again. This happens in all the parks. Neyer relates some stories about obnoxious behavior in Kansas City. Kansas City, no less! The Yankee leadership will ignore this outburst, as well they should. Some one will have to explain to me how you can be violent AND apathetic at the same time. Greenberg should pay attention to his own team more and maybe he won't have to declare bankruptcy again.

I read that, as a stunt, Shaquille O'Neal posed as a statue in front of Harvard Square in Boston. He was there for about an hour and reports are that he was pretty effective. Of course this comes as no surprise to those of us who have watched him play in the NBA for the last couple of years.

From Dwight Perry:
"Have you seen Army's spiffy camouflage football uniforms, helmets and all? Referees suspect the Cadets might have too many men on the field, but say it's too tough to tell."
From RJ Curry:
"A lot of sports pundits think Cliff Lee will end up in New York next season pitching for the Yankees. After the recent ALCS, I'm thinking his wife won't want to come within spitting distance."

They're playing Kutztown University (stop laughing, I didn't make it up), student body population of 10,700. No truth to the rumor that their logo is a can of soup.

Annie-O and I are on our way out the door for a two week vacation, including a week-long cruise in the Caribbean. Vod will keep us updated as to all the important events while I'm gone, including updates on his class reunion.


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