Monday, November 29, 2010

Derek is Dreamy

Oh. stop.

Picasner nows that Derek Jeter is my favorite Yankee.

Derek's Mom makes sure he keeps his nose clean and always has clean underwear. He controls a rabidly insane NY press, doesn't rape women, schills for the only automobile manufacturer that didn't require a taxpayer bail out, doesn't hang with A-Rod, and has a keen sense of humor that creates actual interest in the usually boring post-game interviews. Derek is The Bomb in The Bombers.

So he doesn't have much range in the field and might be a mediocre hitter in his "golden years". So what? George would know that he's worth more than a paltry $15 million as a marketing tool and that snide remarks from Hank and Cashman simply sully the Yankees image - and image is just as important to "the business" as winning ball games.

And I do miss George. There's no one left to spread lies about a player you want to humiliate, no one left to hire private eyes to dig up dirt on your players, no one left to humiliate Yankee legends, although Cashman is trying. In these negotiations the Yankee brass should stop and ask, "What would George do?"

Ahh, for the good old days.

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