Thursday, March 12, 2015


In a lot of ways, what the media calls "Championship Week" is more exciting than the actual NCAA Tourny. A lot of teams playing in conference tournaments this week consider just making the NCAA's a successful season. Consequently, the players go all out.

I also like this time because I discover new schools, new nicknames and some cute cheer-leading stunts.

** Wish they all could be California...**
The state of California has 12 teams playing today, with 6 of them playing each other:
CS Northside vs UC Davis
UC Riverside vs UC Irvine
CAl Poly vs UC Santa Barbara

** It's in code **
(Florida International vs University of Texas-El Paso)
(Univ. of Texas-Pan American vs Univ. of Missouri-Kansas City)

** When just the state isn't enough**
Everybody is familiar with Michigan or Tennessee, but that doesn't mean there aren't other deserving universities in the states. They just need help locating them, so:
  The East:
Eastern Washington
Eastern Carolina
Eastern Michigan
  The West:
Western Kentucky 
  The North:
Northern Colorado
Northern Arizona
  The South:
South Florida
  And let's not forget:
Middle Tennessee

** No fair praying**
St Joseph's vs St. Bonaventure
(I wonder if the Lord changes sides at halftime?)

**Ahh, the nicknames**
  All that glitters -
Golden Eagles - Golden Bears - Golden Panthers
Naturally, with so many teams (there's 120 playing today), there's bound to be duplications.
3 Wildcats, 2 Cardinals, 2 Fightin' (Irish & Illini) and 4 Bulldogs.
If you're wearing a "Go Rams" T-shirt at this Atlantic 10 Conference game between Fordham and VCU you'll fit right in: both claim the Rams as their nickname.
Some nicknames don't bring nice images to mind: If the Demons play the Vandals, the refs may have to carry weapons.
We're all familiar with the animal mascots - Lions and Tigers and Bears (Oh my), but I think I'd have trouble getting behind the Kangaroos or the Anteaters. I have yet to hear a reasonable explanation of a "Hoya."

**Blood on the water**
Some real emotion-packed games today.
NC State vs Duke and North Carolina vs Louisville
St Joe's vs St Bonaventure (Don't worry. It'll be holy water)

** A-Rod hit a home run yesterday. Are we done with the national headlines documenting his every move now? I am.

"David Ortiz says the league should go after pitchers to speed up MLB games. This from a guy whose home run trots can be timed on a sundial."  -- RJ Currie
"The world record in the ski jump was broken two days in a row — the second time I believe by a Boston commuter."  -- Brad Dickson
"An office building in Indianapolis configured its lights to form the number 87 as a tribute to just-released Colts receiver Reggie Wayne. Cleveland, not to be outdone, left a skyscraper totally lit in honor of Johnny Manziel."  -- Dwight Perry
"2015 has started off as a wild year. Two llamas escape, nobody can agree on the colors of a dress, and Harrison Ford has hit more fairways than Tiger Woods."  -- Alex Kaseberg
"The Houston Texans just traded QB Ryan Fitzpatrick to the NY Jets. Not sure how Fitzpatrick feels about the deal. But isn’t it many little boys’ dream to grow up and join the circus?"  -- Janice Hough
"Monday was National Napping Day. This is when we announce the teams chosen to play in the NIT, no?"  -- Brad Dickson
"The Jets traded for receiver Brandon Marshall but still have no decent quarterback. That’s like someone who can’t cook buying a great set of pots and pans."  -- Greg Cote
"Mets rookie Noah Syndergaard drew fire for eating lunch during an intrasquad game. He should know better — usually other teams eat the Mets’ lunch."  -- RJ Currie



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