Saturday, March 07, 2015


Syracuse AD Darryl Gross either deserves high-fives for trying to take the heat off Jim Boeheim or acknowledgement for winning ‘The 2015 Dumbest Man in the Room’ competition with his response to SU’s failure to coherently administer its drug testing policies.

Ever the jokester, Gross said, “The (athletic) department followed an ‘unwritten policy’ because the written policy was confusing.”

Amazing! Given poor reading comprehension skills, Darryl’s department just decided to make stuff up. Perhaps Darryl and other highly paid department administrators should have used the tutors that completed athlete’s papers to provide them with a single syllable interpretation of the written policy so they would no longer be confused.

On a positive note, Darryl and his staff have at least provided Common Core proponents with ammunition for major instructional change to ensure that high-level employees of major universities have basic reading comprehension skills.

All this time I thought ‘Cuse was an endearing nickname for Syracuse University athletic teams. Now it’s clear that the AD and others found the full name “Syracuse University” to be incomprehensible and officially downsized the name to the single syllable ‘Cuse to avoid confusion.

Good job.


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